(English) A Great Story- Combined Age of 141 years!


“(English) A Great Story- Combined Age of 141 years!”的一个回复

  1. How wonderful! As a new member (retired) who isn’t really looking for marriage, but for a friend to get to know online, I’m encouraged to read this. I was one of the first to join SGS when it was begun years ago. Dean and Karen came to the General Assembly of the PCA in Atlanta shortly thereafter. They were engaged at the time, so I came down to the convention hall and met them. We’ve corresponded off and on since then, but my life got busy with my job, so I dropped out of SGS.
    Two good friends of mine (now through Facebook) met their husbands online. One was younger and they now have three children. One was older and divorced (as I am), met a widower and has been happily married ever since.
    God is good! He has always given me what I have needed. We’ll have to see where He leads now!
    Continued blessings on your happy home!


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