Wendy and Scott

Please join me in congratulating Wendy and Scott! Here is an SGS success story!
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Please join me in congratulating Wendy and Scott. Here is an SGS success story. Two Reformed Christian singles put the dating site to work and they share their story with us

In the summer of 2020, Scott was praying for and working to find a Christian wife on the internet. He searched locally and wasn’t making any progress. It was frustrated. He reluctantly expanded his search further and further beyond the Midwest where he lived.

He signed up for Sovereign Grace Singles and encountered the online profile of an adorable single woman and a Reformed Christian in Portland, Oregon. Trusting the Lord, he wrote to her in early October. She replied (positively) and they struck up a regular correspondence on the site and by email for several weeks.

Increasingly enamored, Scott was eager to hear her voice. So he asked her if they could talk on the phone. They had an enjoyable first conversation, and she said they could talk again. Soon they moved from phone calls to video calls once weekly that lasted four to five hours. They knew something seemed to be right! By January 2021, Scott had suggested that they meet in person. Wendy and her dear friend Farah flew to Indiana to meet Scott in early March. Scott found Wendy wonderful on the video, but much better in person! It was rough on both of them when she returned home so far away and they were back to meeting via video calls. Video calls had once seemed a leap forward – now they seemed such a big step backwards!

But then it was Wendy’s turn to move things forward. About three weeks after her visit she (pleasantly) surprised Scott on a video call by telling him that she had accepted a job in a city near Scott and was moving to be closer to him. The Adorable Wendy arrived in April and Scott’s brothers helped him to move her into an apartment. They began seeing one another much more often – in person! They got quite used to that very quickly.

On August 14, 2021, after much praying, scheming and plotting, it was Scott’s turn to surprise his beloved Wendy — with a proposal of marriage. And The Adorable Wendy said, “Scott Connerley, I would be honored to marry you!” And so these two middle-aged, never-married singles are to be married, the Lord willing, on January 16, 2022.




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