Nathan Clark George

Sovereign Grace Singles is the best place I know, on the internet, for Reformed minded Christian singles to meet.


Pastor Arnold Brevick – PCA



Thank you for all your work on this website. You have done some very good work to put SGS together. I have given thanks to God for its establishment and will continue to pray that the Lord uses it and to let others know of its existence.


Boyd – OPC Pastorboyd_miller_dog

I thoroughly recommend Sovereign Grace Singles because this site is set up so that both the man and the woman are compelled to look at each other’s understanding and faith and life. SGS is Christ-centered and so must be our relationships with one another.


Rev. Chuck Muether – Hope Reformed Presbyterian Church (OPC)



SovereignGraceSingles.com is a wonderful site for folks that are looking for like-minded believers for friendship and courtship. At times it can be difficult for Christians to find a mate that agrees with your theology and views of Scripture. SGS helps to simplify the process and put you in contact with people from all over the world. What a great site!


Jared Vallorani – Chief Executive Officer, Liberty Alliancejared_vallorani

Serious minded Christians of any age know how tough it can be to find a likeminded mate (or even like-minded friends). But when you’re a Calvinist—well, that really makes it tough. Sovereign Grace Singles is a wonderful site, where Christians of different denominations but a similar belief in the Five Points can meet people of similar beliefs. Whether you’re looking for friends or romance, you should definitely consider giving SGS a try. I have found Dean to be honest, responsible, reliable, and even generous in his capacity as founder, owner, and CEO of Sovereign Grace Singles.


Sarah Ashwood

With Sovereign Grace Singles, Dean has filled a much needed niche. It was the only site of its kind when it launched almost 5 years ago, and as far as I know, it may continue to be the only website dedicated to meeting this need. Dean views this work as a calling, and not as a business. When I was active on the site, he was very conscientious in weeding out those who attempted to harass female members, those who misrepresented themselves or who were otherwise up to no good. Although I eventually met my wife the old fashioned way, I recommend SGS to any Reformed singles who are looking to meet like minded people.


Christian Poe

Thank you dear Brother in Christ for setting up a dating site for fellow Reformed believers. I have had membership in most of the bamm-fotos-rectores-presentacion-rodo-2012etter known so called Christian sites, and been thoroughly disappointed. Not just with the membership itself, but with the many in them that claim Christ. It seems that the vast majority of men and women that frequent them, especially the chat rooms, are anything but true converted people. I attend a small Reformed Baptist Family church in Oregon, and its so hard to find like minded folks online (nigh impossible) at the many dating links. I look forward to spending some time and Lord willing perhaps find a fellow believer here for friendship and company. I just wanted to say that this site feels like an oasis in the desert of meaningless singles web-site. I feel like people are real with who they are & that we can band together in prayer.


 Hey Dean, just wanted you to know the site is great! It does not feel like just a dating site but a nice place to meet new people both men and women. Thanks for having the vision to create this Dean! I have been reading through profile after profile – Dean! I am so impressed. There are so many truly wonderfully delightful and mature Christian brothers and sisters on this site. It is hard to put into words the difference that SGS is to the -Christian online dating- world. Having been on two of the many such sites, I find this is so, so distinct and different. The caliber of people are so much deeper and actually readers of Scripture and deep theological works! It is amazing!



This place has a hearty and sound sense of humor combined with people who still respect and honor their Lord in conversation and conduct. Wonderful stuff, God be praised. Thank you Dean! And thank you so much for this wonderful site. I have made some dear friends already! God bless you


Sister Sue


I just quickly want to thank you for this website. I have made lots of new friends and am so blessed to be able to communicate with other Christians on a daily basis.



Thank you Dean. As a new participant I find the men on this site a complete contrast to other dating sites. It’s an unexpected, refreshing experience.

The men here actually demonstrate manners and a sense of propriety.