Sam & Joy’s Story

Sam & Joy's Story

In January of 2009, I joined SGS upon the recommendation of a dear friend of mine. Very shortly after joining SGS I received a message from a very nice man, but we found that we had a theological difference and we decided not to pursue a relationship further. I received a second message from Samuel Ashwood, who would 10 months later be my husband.
My parents found Samuel’s profile and were impressed with him, as he had a picture of himself holding his nephew (whose parents also met on SGS). I have always loved children and desired to have a large family so they thought that Sam would be a good prospect. It was a delightful surprise to receive a message from “the guy in Oklahoma” the next day after my parents pointed him out to me. We began a correspondence and found that we shared the same convictions and really got along well. Our correspondence quickly went into a serious relationship. Sam, his dad, and one of his sisters drove up to Minnesota to meet me in person in March. In May, my parents and I visited his family in Oklahoma, and Samuel proposed. In October we got married and honeymooned in my home state, and then drove to establish a home in his home state of Oklahoma. We will be married 10 years this October and will be welcoming our 6th baby shortly thereafter. We are thankful for SGS and that the Lord used it to bring us together. ????[:]


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