Joshua & Kay Cee’s Story

Ken & Ruth's Story

My wife Kay Cee and I met on SGS back in 2015. I had been diligently searching for a wife on there for about two years. I’d dated one or two that were wonderful women but we had unsolvable issues and distances. Kay Cee was only 3 hours away from me, and it was hard, but once we found one another, we tenaciously attacked the relationship. Kay Cee actually found me and messaged me first (at the behest of her father) and I didn’t find her because her profile had listed her as “In a relationship.” We became instantly close and met a month or two later. A year and a half later, through all kinds of trials, and moving away to marry her, we got married in January of 2018. We now have one daughter, Hazel, and she’s the first of all her grandparents’ grandchildren.[:]


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