Jeff & Gracie’s Story

Jeff & Gracie's Story

Jeff and I met via SGS in August of 2017, soon after I (Gracie) decided to give it a try. I wasn’t on SGS in search of a spouse–in fact, I thought I would happily live as a single person for the rest of my life. But I just happened to be desperate for Christian fellowship, having found myself in an area where the nearest reliable reformed church was two-and-a-half hours away. My plans of being happily single flew out the window as Jeff and I went from being friends to…well, friends…then FRIENDS. Jeff proved to be one of the most authentic, multi-faceted people I’d ever met. He was the sort of person who didn’t just spout perfect orthodox reformed theology (which is important, to be sure,) but rather demonstrated that he understood real-person problems, needs, goals, and dreams. And importantly, he wasn’t afraid to have fun. We could go from discussing the Christian life to sharing music to watching movies together (first we sent links back and forth through the chat function, then I got a really nice webcam so that Jeff could screen-share what he was watching in Minnesota while I looked on from Idaho.)
By the time January rolled around, we were spending at least twenty hours a week chatting, video chatting, voice calling, and texting one another. (Sometimes we’d multitask so that we could spend time together; I’d turn on the webcam while I was cooking, or Jeff would call while he was driving.) Anyway, Jeff decided it was time to come to Idaho for a visit. We both knew that we were getting serious, but we weren’t quite prepared to tell each other what we were thinking. So, shortly before Jeff flew out, we each agreed to write each other an email with all the things we wanted to say to the other but hadn’t. We sent each other the emails with strict instructions not to read them until we’d met in person. It was a trust exercise, of sorts.
When we finally met in person for the first time, things moved so quickly that we didn’t need to read each other the letters. After two days of visiting, we decided to spend the rest of our lives together, beginning in May of 2018. Though on paper our relationship had moved at a dizzying speed, we were both peaceful and confident that we had made the right choice. Because SGS sets its users up for long-distance relationships that force people to talk to get to know each other, the intensive periods of time Jeff and I had spent together resulted in a deep relationship within a matter of months.
Today, we’re enjoying our eight-month-old marriage with plans to continue that indefinitely. We live in an area with a great, supportive church and no lack of Christian fellowship. Jeff’s pastor even turned out to be my former pastor’s brother–who would have guessed? The only two downsides: I’m not used to Minnesota winters yet, and I have a really nice webcam that doesn’t get much use.


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