Ladies of Sovereign Grace Singles!

Ladies of Sovereign Grace Singles!

You are to be protected by men in our society, in our churches and in our families. It is my desire to do so on Sovereign Grace Singles. 

As Owner of Sovereign Grace Singles, I want to communicate to you that I WILL NOT tolerate any salacious and/or inappropriate behavior by the men who are members. IF you should experience something of such nature, I want to encourage you to abide by the principle of Matt. 18:15-17 regarding confronting the man directly regarding their sin and seeking their repentance and reconciliation. Should this not achieve the desired resolution, I invite you to contact ME directly. I will do my best at mediating such an occurrence in a Biblical and fair, mutually edifying resolution.   

I DO want to make it clear that I am NOT writing this to you because of any “violation” of any sorts but to be, rather, pro-active.   

Your Servant in Christ Jesus

Dean Scott Creator/Owner of SGS


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