Jeremy and Laura

Jeremy and Laura
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One of the first things that attracted me to Laura was her openness and thoughtfulness in her profile.  She seemed like a woman who was more concerned about eternal matters than the things of this world, who loved Jesus, honored her parents and was making wise decisions with her life… the kind of woman who would make an excellent wife and mother. 

Even though she was 2600 miles away, it seemed like a small distance to gain a pearl of great value.  The long distance brought us together very quickly.  We talked for hours on the phone about the things most important to us and after a couple of weeks we probably knew more about each other than most couples who date for a year.  A few months later, I flew across the country to meet her and her family.  Soon after, she flew down to meet my family and it was pretty clear to everyone that God was knitting our hearts together.

Ultimately, we sought to honor Christ and guard each other’s hearts as we grew closer to one another, knowing that God honors those who honor Him… and He did just that.    And what I have continued to discover over the last 7 years of marriage is that she is indeed a treasure God hid for me to find in His timing and providence to bless me now and forever.


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