Are Reformed Christian Singles Flaking Out? – Facing the Risks With the Flaky Millennials

SGS founder Dean Scott was interviewed on Sermons by Kevin Swanson. The interview was in the Spring 2017, but it highlights an issue that Reformed Christian Singles have to face.

If you listen into the broadcast, you will hear the following sad statistics from Barna Research.

  • The percentage of adults 25 to 29 years that are single rose from 50% to 59% over the past 15 years.
  • The percentage of adults 30 to 39 years that are single rose from 24% to 34% over the past 15 years.
  • The average 25 to 39 year old marriage rate declined by 7%.

What’s even worse is the data clearly shows that the divorce rate among evangelicals and this includes Reformed Christian Singles, is exactly the same as the wider population. This is a sad statistic.

The thinking discussed on the interview is that millennials are not hard core covenant keepers who make for rock solid marriages. So how do we mitigate these risks? Kevin Swanson and Dean speak and go over wisdom for young singles and their parents on avoiding theological squishiness in a mate, avoiding the millennial snowflakiness, and pressing on in sobriety and faith in this most important life decision.


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