Where did the stream go?

We have recently received some comments from members about the "Stream". This was a much loved activity stream on the old site that showed new pictures, events, and status updates. Some members have been concerned that the stream is missing from the new site. However, the good news is: We still have the Stream!

The Stream feature has now been rename Activity. You can view the site Activity Stream here: https://www.sovereigngracesingles.com/activity/

You can also add status updates from the Activity page or from your personal Activity Stream.

To view an Activity Stream for a specific user, visit their profile and click on the Activity tab.

If you continue to have any issues, be sure to Contact Us.


  1. Vlad

    Only found the “site wide activity” stream by accident a few days after joining at the bottom of the navigation menu… maybe the new site will have a better layout?

    1. littlemantate

      Hi Vlad;

      The new site will be much better organized but we will not have a site wide activity stream. This may be something that we include a bit later but to keep the new role out simple, I have prioritized member profiles, forums, and an event management tool as part of the initial role out. I’ll gauge member interest in additional features as we move forward. You are correct in that the current site is not at all well organized and I need to take things one step at a time to unravel and re-organize..

      Take care