Reformed Christian Singles Unite!

Reformed Christian Singles Dating Site – Not Just Another Dating Site

Sovereign Grace Singles is fully dedicated to serving the needs of Reformed Christian singles looking to find their soulmate. We aren’t the largest dating site on the Internet, but we offer Reformed Christian singles, true believers, opportunities to connect, communicate and meet other singles who share similar religious beliefs and family values. We ask that all members agree to a doctrinal statement to verify that they follow the Scripture and want a marriage sanctioned by God.

Sovereign Grace Singles (or SGS) started in 2004 when Dean Scott wanted to build an online service where fellow Reformed Christians like himself would meet others looking to find marriage partners. Dean is now a retired firefighter and paramedic and has a passion for creating a resource dedicated to helping Reformed Christians the happiness they long for.

Since Sovereign Grace Singles launched, many, many singles around the world have started conversations which led to relationships and eventually to marriages.

If you listen to Dean, you hear him tell you that the online dating scene is full of niche dating sites. “There are a lot of options out there and many claim to have that conservative, reformed christian perspective, but too many of them are essentially copy-and-pasted versions of mainstream dating sites.” They have match matching features responding to keyword searches aimed at appealing to the largest target audience possible.

They are intended to be money makers.

That’s not the case on Sovereign Grace Singles. SGS is a dating service for singles created by a Reformed Christian on behalf of Reformed Christians. We recognize the importance of faith and family in this niche dating world.

Our SGS members must agree to the Doctrinal Statement. That defines the faith-driven values of our community. Dean personally reads through each profile to make sure new members are aligned with the SGS mission.

Completing your SGS profiles requires providing detailed information that’s helpful for identifying long-term compatibility. The questions in your profile are varied like,  “How do you enjoy your leisure time?” and includes serious questions like “What contributed to your previous relationship/marriage ending?”

This has definitely brought Dean some personal satisfaction. Here’s an example of a couple that met on SGS and wanted Dean to attend their wedding…in Germany:

Anu and Andrej reached out via email to tell Dean about their love story and invite him to their wedding in Germany. Andrej graciously offered to pay for the travel expenses as a thank you for introducing him to his bride.

What a privilege it was for Dean to spend a week getting to know the couple and their family members. It was a wonderful example of the love that can come from SGS. 

Anu and Andrej are still married and have three children.

SGS Upholds Good Values in the Dating World

When Dean established Sovereign Grace Singles, he didn’t have any experience as a web developer or tech entrepreneur, but he had faith that hard work and good intentions would lead his budding dating site to success. Now he has the SGS community to thank for his own marriage, his stepson’s marriage, and countless other loving relationships in the Reformed Christian community that started off on SGS.

Sovereign Grace Singles has distinguished itself as a faithful and moral dating service that focuses on quality over quantity and gives Christians the chance to get serious and create meaningful connections in the dating scene.

“It’s not just about romance,” Dean said. “It’s about fellowship — Sovereign Grace Singles can connect with someone when you’re feeling lonely.

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