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  • Looking for:
    Marriage Minded, Potential Courtship
  • Stan cywilny:
    Single - Never Married
  • Christian Affiliation:
    Calvinistic, Non-denominational, Southern Baptist (Founders), Reformed but not Affiliated
  • Race:
  • Height:
    5' 7"
  • Build:
  • Kolor oczu:
  • Kolor włosów:
    Light Brown
  • College /University:
    Reformation Bible College
  • Graduation Year:
  • Level of education:
    Associate Degree
  • Zatrudnienie:
    Pełny etat
  • Occupation:
    Youth ministry Office manager Bookeeper
  • Company:
    The River’s Edge Church R U RED E? Ministries, Inc
  • Dochód:
    Nie podano
  • Seeking Ethnicity:
  • My ideal place to live:
    In a small town
  • My view on smoking:
    I might not mind a pipe or cigar
  • My view on drinking:
    I drink occasionally
  • On the subject of children:
    I would like to have children one day
  • Tell us about your family. How do you feel about relocating?:
    We are a large family that is very close and in everybody’s business. We work together, school together, church together. I’ d rather not relocate, but I will go where my husband leads and where God leads .
  • How old were you when you were drawn to Christ and how is your Christian walk these days?:
    I was 9 when God effectually called me and I have been being sanctified ever since. My walk has its ups and it’s downs. I am currently seeking the lord for wisdom in future steps forward with my life and I am learning to be content with every season of life he chooses for me.
  • How have the Doctrines of Grace changed or affected your life?:
    By His grace He saved me, a depraved sinner, by His election before the foundations of the earth, to regenerate me, giving me ears to hear the effectual call of the Gospel of Christ crucified to atone for my sins. By His grace, through no merit of my own, He gave me faith to repent and believe in Him.
  • Do you have a "Quiet Time?" What are you studying?:
    Yes, I am enjoying studying 1 Corinthians and I am working on memorizing the book of James.
  • Who is your favorite Biblical Character and why?:
    I don't have a favorite because there are too many to pick from.
  • Are you content being single? Why? If not, why?:
    I am learning to be content in Christ and my singleness doesn't define me. However, I would not like to be single for too much longer. That’s why I am here on sgs...haha
  • What are four qualities your friends would attribute to you?:
    My family, who knows me best, would say that I am a hard worker/leader, loyal, indefatigable, jovial.
  • What are three things you are most thankful for?:
    My Family, My Church, and God's grace in my life.
  • Describe the character and personality traits you enjoy in another person? What are yours?:
    I like people who are Godly and love being part of their church family. People who are mature, but are also weirdly goofy and not afraid to show it. People who don't take themselves too seriously and who are deeply caring, even though they don't show that side of themselves to everyone. I am passionate about what I believe and you’ll be hard pressed to get me to change my mind. I am working on not being so bossy. I think I am also incredibly weird and goofy. I would describe myself as a fun and adventurous person.
  • Other than your parents, who has been the most influential person in your life and how?:
    I would say my brother-in-law, Ryan. He was my youth pastor growing up. I look up to him and my sister for guidance more than I do anyone else.
  • What contributed to your previous relationship/marriage ending?:
    I have never really been in a serious relationship. I broke off a relationship with someone who wanted to pursue a serious relationship. I’ve just given up on one that my parents disapproved of. I am Just waiting for the right guy to come along.
  • How long have you been on your own since and what did you to do get through it?:
    I am learning what Gods purpose is for me and continue to try to serve Him in the best way I can in my singleness.
  • Favorite lines from movies, poems, songs, hymns or Scripture you would like to tell us about?:
    Oh my, so many .... You'll have to get to know me to plummet the depths.
  • What type of work do/did you do?:
    I have done all sorts of different work. from working on a golf course, to nannying, to event coordinating, to youth ministry, to many different management positions.
  • How long have you been/were you in that line of work? Do/you enjoy it?:
    I have been working at the same place for 4 years
  • Do you have any life-long goals? What are they?:
    I hope to start a family of my own someday. But my major life Goal is to serve Christ in any and every way that I can. I want to be greatly involved with my church family, to be sanctified everyday, to be more of a picture of Christ, and to be a tool in which God grows His kingdom. I do have some short term goals too...I am working on becoming a personal trainer, and I would like to finish my BA.
  • Where were you born and where have you traveled?:
    Born in Orlando, Florida. Traveled to: 47 states Africa Mexico Canada Belize, Central America I think that is it, unless you don't count layovers haha.
  • Is there anything that the questionnaire didn’t cover?:
    Probably but I think this is quite a bit to get started.
  • O mnie:
    I am part of a family that serves in full time ministry. My dad is a senior pastor. I was homeschooled and went on to get an associates degree in Biblical and theological studies at Reformation Bible College in Orlando. I now manage our church office and do outreach with a parachurch ministry to teenagers.
  • Moje zainteresowania:
    I enjoy my family, my dog, playing bass & keyboards, traveling, playing games, cooking and baking, kayaking and weightlifting.
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