Ruthseeker2019 inne szczegóły
  • Looking for:
    Marriage Minded
  • Stan cywilny:
    Divorced - with children
  • Christian Affiliation:
    Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (ARP)
  • Race:
  • Height:
    6' 0"
  • Build:
  • Kolor oczu:
  • Kolor włosów:
  • College /University:
    California University of Pa., B.A.
  • Graduation Year:
  • Level of education:
  • Zatrudnienie:
    Pełny etat
  • Occupation:
    Sales/Marketing in commercial construction
  • Company:
    Andujar Construction
  • Dochód:
    Nie podano
  • Seeking Ethnicity:
  • My ideal place to live:
    In a small town
  • My view on smoking:
    I don't smoke and I don't like to be around smokers
  • My view on drinking:
    I rarely drink
  • On the subject of children:
    I have children and would gladly accept someone elses's
  • Tell us about your family. How do you feel about relocating?:
    One, 13-year-old who splits time between me and his mom. Given this situation and my job, relocation is impossible.
  • How old were you when you were drawn to Christ and how is your Christian walk these days?:
    41 when He drew me to Himself. Good but always seeking to grow and would like to do so with a lady friend/covenant spouse.
  • How have the Doctrines of Grace changed or affected your life?:
    They help my life do a 180-degree turn after my conversion because soon after the Lord took away the veil and enabled me to see I had to leave the Roman church as well as the Masonic Lodge as I could not stay in them and still be fed their poison and on biblical doctrine’s. In other words, my mind was renewed such as scripture states in Romans 12.
  • Do you have a "Quiet Time?" What are you studying?:
    No, as I just dive in whenever the mood hits, even while driving to listen to sermons and apologetics programs. I’ve been studying Zechariah 3 in preparation to deliver a message on it soon as a local, assisted living facility near my church.
  • Who is your favorite Biblical Character and why?:
    Paul because of his Damascus Road experience.
  • Are you content being single? Why? If not, why?:
    No since I don’t think I have the gift for it. However, if it’s not in the Lord’s plans for me, I will be content and focus on other ways to serve him and his kingdom, although right now I’d rather do so with a partner and be a blessing in her life and to any children she may have.
  • What are four qualities your friends would attribute to you?:
    Loyal, sense of humor, knowledgeable and humble
  • What are three things you are most thankful for?:
    My salvation, related to that, eyes to see and ears to hear His truth and my precious son, of course
  • Describe the character and personality traits you enjoy in another person? What are yours?:
    I enjoy similar character and personality traits that I have to offer and those are steadfastness, reliability, being able to bounce back from being knocked down, being able to see the humor in many things and someone that can appreciate differences in another person and be able to persuade without giving offense.
  • Other than your parents, who has been the most influential person in your life and how?:
    And the elder in my former PCA church in Pittsburgh who was, for a few years, a very gracious influence on my life to help disciple me. I miss him dearly since I regrettably moved from that church 13 years ago and only see him now on occasional return trips.
  • What contributed to your previous relationship/marriage ending?:
    Ultimately, it was her return to a partying lifestyle with old friends and her return to infidelity which I had put up with earlier in our marriage, forgiven and reconciled both times. Given that we had her youngest son at the time, I did what I could to save the marriage, but it was unsuccessful and even marriage counseling could not help it.
  • How long have you been on your own since and what did you to do get through it?:
    I have been divorced now for over eight years and able to remarry, given the nature of the situation, and while I went through some very tough years, my faith and God’s word got me through, even when I was forced to re-join the church after two years of being out.
  • Favorite lines from movies, poems, songs, hymns or Scripture you would like to tell us about?:
    John 15:5 along with the fourth verse of Charles Wesley’s great hymn “And Can It Be. “Those few lines metaphorically describe the salvation experience. By all means, look it up if you’re not familiar with it.
  • What type of work do/did you do?:
    Sales/marketing for a commercial construction company here in Charlotte.
  • How long have you been/were you in that line of work? Do/you enjoy it?:
    I’ve been in related jobs since 1994 in the commercial real estate industry mainly working for architectural/engineering firms and two commercial construction firms. I enjoy it now since I’m having so much success, although I do not like the unethical way people do business and the way salespeople are sometimes treated so disrespectfully even in the face of my professionalism.
  • Do you have any life-long goals? What are they?:
    To train my son to be a godly man and have a biblical world view. Through God’s blessing, be able to have at least a retirement where I can serve in whatever way I want and be healthy enough to do so I don’t have to worry about money.
  • Where were you born and where have you traveled?:
    Born in Pittsburgh, PA; traveled throughout the US and Canada only in many cities, too many to name here.
  • Is there anything that the questionnaire didn’t cover?:
    Just want to make sure that anyone who reads this and is interested knows that I am in no way shape or form interested in serial dating, especially at this point in life, as it seems to happen on other dating websites where people are always looking for a bigger, better deal and expecting others to look like they did 30 years ago. While I believe it’s important for us to take care of the bodies God is given us, I am not looking for a model, but a godly woman who complements my life and who sees me for what I am and could be — a tremendous blessing to her life. I seek a true marriage this time, even at this late stage, since I was previously married, I never really had a wife, if you know what I mean. Lastly, I’m not here to waste anyone’s time and expect people to keep their word as I will keep mine even if it means there’s not a fit.
  • O mnie:
    I am a 6-foot tall, reformed Christian man living here in Charlotte, North Carolina now since 2006, well-traveled, fairly well read and knowledgeable. I seek a godly woman who complements me hand-in-glove-style where we pretty much know what the other person is thinking because we are into each other so much and have the Lord Jesus Christ as the foundation of our relationship.
  • Moje zainteresowania:
    Growing in God’s word, taking care of myself (as best I can), finishing the job of raising my son to be a godly young man who will marry wisely hopefully in 10 to 15 years and will produce many children that he will disciple so as to create a legacy in my family never seen before. I would love to find a woman who would become my wife eventually to also share in various ministry opportunities as I would like to learn about her so that I could possibly share in.
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