Peter & Robin’s Story

Peter & Robin's Story

As we near our twelfth wedding anniversary, we have much to thank the Lord for. When we were single, both of us were struggling to meet a special someone who shared our same Reformed beliefs. We knew that although being a born-again Christian is the basic requirement, ultimately for true unity we needed to share the same doctrinal beliefs. So, following the kind counsel of Christian friends, we joined Sovereign Grace Singles. Both of us were a little hesitant to use an online tool at the time, but as we prayed about it we realized that God can use any means to bring His children together.
We first met in person in April 2006. After many emails, letters, phone calls, and more meetings, we were engaged in September of 2006 and married on July 7, 2007, after Peter immigrated to the U.S. We lived in CT for three years (Robin’s home state) and attended Robin’s home church (an OPC) then moved to NC where we were able to buy a home and join a wonderful OPC church there.
We have enjoyed many sweet years of memories and growth, as well as a deepening faith and understanding of God’s Word together. We are ever grateful for SGS and encourage others to prayerfully consider it!


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