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ingoa tuatahi


ingoa kaiwhakamahi






Rā o te fanauraa

35 tau, 10 marama i mua


Way ara, WA


United States




Te huarahi Federal

titiro hoki

Te Tane, Te Mahinga Whakanuia, Te Ra me nga Whakaaro Nui, Te Hoa, Te Whakaipoipo

Te Tūnga Marital

Kotahi - Kaore i Marena

Whanaungatanga Karaitiana

Potato Kaiiriiri



Kareti / Whare Wananga

Thomas Edison State University

Tau Paetahi


Te taumata o te matauranga



Wā tonu


Accountant and Music Teacher

Te Rapu i te Iwi Taketake (ko nga mea e hiahia ana ahau ki te taatai)


Taku kainga pai hei nohoanga

I nga rohe tuawhenua

Ko taku titiro mo te momi hikareti

Kaore au e momi hikareti ana kaore au e pai ki te piri ki nga momi hikareti

Ko taku titiro mo te inu waipiro

Kaore au i te inu, engari kaua e aro ki etahi ki te inu i runga i te whakaōritenga

Mo te kaupapa o nga tamariki

Kei te pirangi au kia whai tamariki i tetahi rangi

Korerohia mai mo to whanau. Pehea to whakaaro mo te whakaneke i te huringa?

My parents are local. I have a brother with a family in ID. I love the Northwest, but I’m open to relocating, especially to a place with more conservative politics.

E hia ou tau i te wa i haatata mai koe ki a te Karaiti me pehea to hikoi Karaitiana i enei ra?

I grew up in a Christian home, but it wasn’t until I was 15 that I understood how my sin separated me from God, and how much I desperately needed Him. My walk since then has been a journey through many seasons of learning, struggling, and growing. Most recently, I find myself in a season of recognizing my need for Him in other areas of my life, and learning to love Him more.

Nahea te whakarereke i nga Tohutohu o te Aroha ki to oranga?

In my own testimony, I saw how God changed my heart to draw me to Himself, and has continued to change me to become more like Him. I also am blessed to know that He chose me before the foundation of the world.

Kei a koe tetahi "Wa Tino?" He aha taau e ako ana?

This is an area in which I want to become more faithful. I tend to often be in Psalms, but I’m currently reading through the New Testament.

Ko wai te tangata e pai ana ki a koe i te Paipera, ana he aha?

I have many favorites. I love the story of when Sennacherib came against Jerusalem and defied the power of God to save the Israelites. King Hezekiah’s response to spread the letter before God shows a desperate and honest, but trusting faith and vulnerability that I admire.

Kei te noho takitahi koe? Na te aha? Ki te kore, hei aha?

I have been all over the spectrum on this question in various seasons. Currently, I am enjoying the life I have, but I would love to be married if God opened the door for that.

He aha nga kounga e wha ka huakina e o hoa ki a koe?

Analytical, Loyal, Genuine, Honest

He aha nga mea e toru e tino paingia ana e koe?

Jesus, deep relationships, music

Whakaahuahia te ahua me nga ahuatanga e paingia ana e koe i tetahi atu? He aha tau?

I value deep, honest, and vulnerable relationships. I appreciate good leadership skills, including the ability to listen and validate a perspective even when there is disagreement.

Because I value the qualities above, I try to also model them. I can lead, and don’t usually hesitate to do so when I see a need and the setting is appropriate, but I’m just as happy to let someone else do it. I’m detail-oriented and fairly laid-back unless I’m passionate about something.

Atu i o matua, ko wai te tangata whai mana i roto i to koiora me te pehea?

I have a few mentors in my life that have invested in me, and pushed me to be honest with God, myself, and others in ways that have radically changed my life.

He aha te mea i whai hua ki to whanaungatanga o mua / te marena?

I’ve never been in a relationship.

Kia pehea te roa o to noho takitahi mai i a koe me te aha i paingia ai e koe?

N / He

He raina tino pai mai i nga kiriata, peehi, waiata, himene me te Karaipiture e hiahia ana koe ki te korero mai?

Oh, so many favorites!

“The protection of His child and treasure is a charge that on Himself He laid.” – Day by Day

“Wherever you are, be all there! Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God.” – Jim Elliot

“If we are faithless, He remains faithful; He cannot deny Himself.” – 2 Timothy 2:13

He aha te momo mahi i mahi / i mahi koe?

I work at a CPA firm that specializes in serving churches, non-profits, and personal tax returns for pastors. I also teach music to a few students as a side job.

Kia pehea te roa o to mahi / i roto i taua raarangi mahi? Kei te pai / pai ki a koe?

I’ve worked as an accountant for about 7 years, and I love the work, my co-workers, and the ability to have much of my work be a blessing to advancing the gospel.

I’ve taught music (mostly piano) since highschool, and I’ve enjoyed that also so long as the students are invested. I’ve never had more than 10 students at a time, and usually it’s been around 5. I think if I had more than 10, it would probably wear me out.

Kei a koe etahi whainga mo te roa o te ora? He aha era?

I’ve seen my life direction change enough times, that I hold this pretty loosely. I would love to get married and have kids.

Me pehea e pai ai ki a koe to wa whakangahau? He aha taau mahi mo te whakangahau?

I enjoy one on one relationships, church ministries, and music. I play the piano, violin, cello, harp, and flute, and try any instrument I can get my hands on. I am my church’s primary pianist, and I plan the music portion of my church’s Sunday service each week. I also lead the children’s music. I’ve been involved with the Awana ministry for most of my life. I love singing hymns. I also enjoy co-ordinating logistics, and a good Sudoku puzzle.

He mea ano kaore i uhia e te paatai ​​patai?

I’m sure. 🙂

Mō ahau

I grew up as the oldest of two children. I was homeschooled, and I’m grateful that my parents chose to do that. Portions of my school years included some patterns of legalistic beliefs that God has been in the process of redeeming over time as I either come to a place of changing what I do or don’t do, or changing why I do or don’t do it. While I still lean toward conservative values, I’ve learned that they don’t add to my righteousness before Christ. Phil. 3

Aku Hiko

See the leisure time question above. I also love the color purple, lilacs, icecream, and chocolate. I have enjoyed gymnastics and rock climbing, although I’m not that great at either one.

Pūrongo Hōu