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30 taona, 4 volana lasa izay


Allen, TX, USA








Vehivavy, mety ho mpinamana, mpinamana, saina


Mpitovo - Tsy nanambady mihitsy

Fifandraisana kristiana

Fivoriamben'ny fiangonana presbyteriana nohavaozina (RPCGA)




5 '5 "



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College / University

University of Texas ao Dallas



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Fotoana feno


Part-time teacher at THEO, a christian school aimed at helping homeschooling parents educate their children.

Warehouse associate for a small family business.


THEO Christian Academy

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Amin'ny tanàna kely iray

Ny fahitako ny fifohana sigara

Tsy mpifoka aho

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Tsy misotro aho fa tsy maninona ny hafa misotro antonony

Momba ny ankizy

Te hanana zanaka aho indray andro any

Lazao anay ny momba ny fianakavianao. Ahoana ny fahitanao ny famindrana toerana?

I have one older brother, two younger brothers, and one sister. My older brother is currently married and has a young daughter, and I enjoy spending time with them on the weekend and at church.

I was born in Arizona, but my father worked as a contractor so my family relocated every few years for work. As a result, I have lived in a number of different states, including California, Texas, Iowa, and Arizona, but most of my memories growing up have been from Texas and to a lesser extent California. Due to the constant moves, I have found it difficult to maintain relationships, although some I have managed to reconnect with in the intervening years. As a result, I am willing to relocate, especially if I can find employment and start a life with the one God has ordained for me to spend my life with. However, I value the bonds of friendship and family very much, and I would definitely prefer to stay in Texas where the majority of my friends and family live, as I have become very much aware of the pain that separation and loneliness can inflict on the soul.

Firy taona ianao rehefa nanatona an'i Kristy ary nanao ahoana ny dia kristiana nataonao amin'izao andro izao?

I grew up in a professing Christian household, but I did not fully understand until I was around seven years old and was confronted by my own inability to please my own parents or God through my own efforts. This realization drove me to plead for God’s mercy, and over the years I have been built up in faith and reliance on Him throughout the trials and the discouragement that faced me.

Today, I still strive to work toward greater holiness, turning away from the temptations that surround me and building up good habits to reinforce and encourage me toward that which is good and holy. I have recently joined a local church, and I wish to draw upon the advice and counsel of my elders and pastor to help guide me on my walk toward the Celestial City.

Tamin'ny fomba ahoana no nanovana na nisy fiantraikany tamin'ny fiainanao ny Doctrines of Grace?

I am reminded on a daily basis that God has called me to be in the world, but not of the world. I am called to be holy, separate from sin and striving toward true holiness while serving Him. I have become more and more aware of my own besetting sins, of my own pride and selfishness, and the destructive effects, both to myself and those around me, when I behave in such a manner. God’s Grace has opened my heart to others, to look outside myself and give that support, encouragement, and advice that I wish I had received. I cannot really say how my life would have gone if God had not called me, but I know that He has preserved me in even the darkest and most despondent of circumstances.

Manana "Fotoana mangina ve ianao?" Inona no ianaranao?

Setting aside time to study the Word is a habit I am trying to form. I admit that it is not as regular as it should be, but I am currently reading through the gospel of John.

Iza no toetran'ny Baiboly tianao indrindra ary nahoana?

David is my favorite Biblical Character for a great many reasons, but I will list a few of them here. Throughout his life, he was faced with difficulty, but throughout each of them he maintained his faith in God and remained stalwart despite being chased out into the wilderness, pursued by his own king, and tempted to take matters into his own hands to secure his place as king. He refused to take revenge on those who had wronged him, and confessed and turned from his sins when faced with them, even at the risk of his shame being displayed before the entire nation. I take encouragement from his life, and I desire to become like him in that I wish to seek after God even despite my personal failings and risk to my reputation.

Milamina ve ianao amin'ny maha mpitovo? Fa maninona Raha tsy izany, nahoana?

I have long struggled with this question, as I tried to distance myself from potential romantic involvement because I wished to secure employment that would allow me to live on my own and be financially independent before trying to court a woman. In the intervening years, all of my friends have gotten married and moved forward with their lives, while I have essentially remained trapped in the same state for several years. I began to wonder if God had not ordained for me to be married at all, but the constant temptations and loneliness surrounding me has pushed me to reach out toward marriage for relief. I understand that God has given the gift of celibacy to some in his Kingdom, but I do not believe I am among that number.

Inona avy ireo toetra efatra azon'ny namanao omena anao?

Empathetic, determined, quiet, and resilient.

Inona ireo zavatra telo ankasitrahanao indrindra?

I am thankful for God’s Grace and the working of His Spirit within me, I am thankful for His provision for me, even if it is in ways that I do not find at the moment pleasant or encouraging, and I am thankful that I have been blessed to such an extent that I have remained debt free and able to live within the means He has granted me.

Farito ny toetra amam-panahy tianao amin'ny olona hafa? Inona ny anao?

I appreciate spending time with people who have drive and focus, a desire to grow and learn, and speak openly and frankly. What I am seeking in a life partner is someone I have no fears about being open and honest with, someone who I can share my troubles, aspirations, goals with, while at the same time providing emotional support and advice in return. I see marriage as a union founded on the closest of friendships, bound with vows, and established by God as a union between one man and one woman for their mutual support.

I tend to be a bit closed and cautious when meeting new people, but over time I open up and grow very attached to those I spend time with. I want to be a part of the church community, and find someone I can be close to and share my heart with.

Ankoatra ny ray aman-dreninao, iza no olona nanan-kery indrindra teo amin'ny fiainanao ary tamin'ny fomba ahoana?

I have not always gotten along with my older brother, but he has definitely been the most influential person in my life. While growing up, I looked up to him in many ways, both as a guide and encouragement throughout our education through to adulthood. He is dedicated, focused, and determined, refusing to give in or back down when difficulties confront him. He cares deeply about his wife and daughter, stepping up as a parent to help care for their child without hesitation and supporting his wife when she is feeling tired or upset. I hope to exemplify the same qualities in my own life and work toward building a family just as unified and God-glorifying as his.

Inona no nahatonga ny fifandraisan'ny mpivady teo aloha?

I have never been in a romantic relationship.

Mandra-pahoviana ianao no irery ary inona no nataonao mba hamakivakiana izany?

I have never been in a romantic relationship.

Andalana ankafizinao avy amin'ny sarimihetsika, tononkalo, hira, fihirana na andinin-teny tianao hambara aminay?

Psalm 23, the metricized form of which I memorized many years ago, has served as a reminder and encouragement to me, specifically:

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”

Inona no karazana asa nataonao / nataonao?

I am currently working as a teacher at a Christian private school called THEO Christian Academy. I teach a beginner programming class called Scratch Game Programming, where I introduce the fundamentals of programming such as variables and if/then loops. I also teach a Lego Robotics class, which is more centered on learning how computers receive information through sensors (inputs) and respond with motion, sounds, etc. (outputs).

I am also working as a warehouse associate at a small business, since I am not currently teaching enough classes to fill in my entire schedule.

Naharitra hafiriana ianao / niasa tamin'io lahasa asa io? Ankafizinao / tianao ve izany?

I love teaching, as it gives me an opportunity to talk about God’s world and the incredible ways in which He has provided for His creation, both for us as humans made in His image, but also for the birds, trees, insects, and even the tiny, microscopic lifeforms. I enjoy talking about animals, how they interact with each other as well as the world in various systems and cycles. I want to instill in others the same wonder and excitement for learning that I had when I was a child, as that wonder and drive for learning helped push me toward retaining what I learned better and made learning even seemingly mundane or dull subjects much more exciting.

Manana tanjona kendrena mandritra ny androm-piainana ve ianao? F'inona izy ireo?

I want to become a full-time teacher and support the Christian community by providing quality education and instruction from a Christian worldview. I would like to help introduce the next generation to a wide verity of subjects, including biology, economics, philosophy, and history, and how all areas of study can be pursued in a God-glorifying way, to further our own society, build up toward a better future, and support the growth of His kingdom.

Taiza ianao no teraka ary taiza no nitetezanao?

I was born in Arizona, but my father was working as a contractor at the time, so I have no memories of living there. We typically would move every two to three years, from Arizona, to Iowa, to Texas and California and back to Texas, where I have spent most of my life. I have traveled mostly to visit my mom’s family in Michigan and California to visit my dad’s family, with only the occasional vacation to other places. I did take an exciting trip to Japan for a month, which was quite an interesting experience to say the least, but that’s a story I’d take quite a long time to discuss and a single paragraph would not do it justice.

Ahoana no hankafizanao ny fotoana fialam-bolinao? Inona no ataonao amin'ny fialam-boly?

I enjoy some computer games, mostly colony-building ones which involve balancing resources, production, heat dissipation, etc. I also enjoy writing fiction, although I tend to be very critical of my own work, so I have yet to finish writing a quality story that I can truly say I am satisfied with. I do on occasion write some short stories, which are much more manageable in scope and do not require months of dedication to finish.

Misy zavatra tsy nopetahan'ilay fanontaniana ve?

I am an exclusive psalmist, and while it is not necessarily a deal breaker, it is something I want to make clear that I am not flexible on. I am a strong believer in the regulative principal of worship, and I will not attend churches that exclusively sing hymns. I have attended churches (particularly in the OPC) that sing a mix of hymns and Psalms.

I believe in baptizing infants born to professing christian parents, as it is a sign of the covenant, not as a sign of salvation, but of the parents’ promise to raise the child in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

Momba ahy

I am a somewhat introverted thirty-year-old who enjoys discussing science, animals, politics, economics, religion, history, and pop culture. I want to get to know others and learn about their interests while sharing my own, both in order to better understand them as a person but also to better encourage and support them.

Ireo tombontsoako

Science, animals, politics, economics, religion, history, and pop culture tend to be the subjects I discuss, given the opportunity.

I used to grow garden, and I would love to get back into gardening again.

I love hiking and camping, exploring and witnessing God’s creation firsthand.

I enjoy anime (Japanese-style animation, typically, but not exclusively, aimed at more mature audiences) not only as an art form, but due to the themes and ideas that it often brings up, including humanity’s tendency toward evil and the steps society takes towards suppressing or restraining our more depraved tendencies, but also family, friendship, dedication, determination, and confronting the establishment and celebration of evil and war. There is certainly more than a fair share of unsuitable series within the genre, but as a form of entertainment I believe there is also a benefit to considering and discussing some of the questions that it brings to the forefront.

I love keeping pets of various sorts, including but not limited to, the fluffy, lovable sorts. I have a deep appreciation for all of God’s creations, even those that can come across as a bit ill-tempered.

I also like to cook, preparing meals for friends and family alike. I must admit my spread of dishes I can prepare by heart is a bit limited, but I would certainly like to learn more and expand my offerings.

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