Ken & Ruth’s Story

Ken & Ruth's Story

We met in the summer of 2018 and were married that fall. We had both been on and off SGS for some time, years actually, but found along the way that it was just not yet “our time.” We learned that though a door may be temporarily closed, God will open it in His time if it is His will. Throughout the process of discovering God’s will and timing, we always thoroughly enjoyed the Christian fellowship we had through SGS. It was through friendships made with others on the site that we finally connected on a more serious level. In particular, Ruth enjoyed having the insight of Christian sisters and admin, unofficial and unofficial, with whom she would laugh, seek wisdom, and generally commiserate. Ken always saw the value in the site as a wonderful gathering of those who hold to the sovereignty of God in all things, not least of which is our very salvation. We praise God for SGS and are thankful for how God works through His people and the Body of Christ! SGS will always have a special place in our hearts. ????[:]


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