Josh and Nancy’s Story!

It is been quite a number of years since I have used Sovereign Grace Singles, but I am very thankful for the service it provides. I found the website nearly 15 years ago after trying out several of the more generically Christian dating websites. The reformed communities in any individual city can be pretty small, and I never seemed to share a common understanding of the doctrines of grace with the people I met on other websites. It was refreshing to find a place to meet single people that shared an understanding of what those doctrines meant.

I began chatting with my future wife, Nancy, on SGS in October of 2005. We met in person in December of that same year, and we got married a year after that. Fourteen years and two children later, we are still blessed to be happily married. Obviously, there are challenges to anylong-distance relationship, but given that I would not have met my lovely wife without SGS, I will always be grateful for the way God used SGS to bring Nancy and I together. I do pray it continues to provide the same opportunity for reformed singles for many years to come.

God Bless,

Joshua (and Nancy)


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