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blynyddoedd 20 yn ôl


Brisbane QLD, Awstralia







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Prifysgol Technoleg Queensland

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I study Engineering right now which is full time but i work in a Christian shoe company and help at a friends farm during holidays.


Ascent Footwear

Ceisio Ethnigrwydd (y rhai rwy'n barod hyd yn hyn)


Fy lle delfrydol i fyw

Fferm / bwthyn yn y wlad

Fy marn ar ysmygu

Nid wyf yn ysmygu ac nid wyf yn hoffi bod o gwmpas ysmygwyr

Fy marn ar yfed

Nid wyf yn cyffwrdd â'r stwff

Ar bwnc plant

Hoffwn gael plant un diwrnod

Dywedwch wrthym am eich teulu. Sut ydych chi'n teimlo am adleoli?

I love my family “How excellent a thing it is when brothers dwell in unity”
I have been recently struck with how my dear love for my family may be too far. I hold onto the things of this world too much in comparison to the things of heaven so while i love them dearly and plan to continue in my love for them i must realise that that is not nearly as important as my faith and eternal salvation is as i have never compared the two thoughts before.

I have 6 siblings, 5 of which i am extremely close with, the last moved out when i was very little and while i love him, as he lives in a different country i do not know him very well. One brother in particular i plan to spend the rest of my life with as our goal is to start a farm together, although likely we would have separate houses on the same property.

So in regards to moving, if i don’t do missionary work i will stay in Australia with my brother.

Faint oedd eich oed pan gawsoch eich tynnu at Grist a sut mae eich taith gerdded Gristnogol y dyddiau hyn?

I cannot remember i time when i wasn’t aware that God exists and that Jesus died for me. I have experienced many many times the humiliation of realising i have once again fallen into sin reminding me that without Him i am absolutely nothing and cannot do any of the mundane things in my life let alone the tough times i face.

God is very dear to me and i would let my whole family die before i deny Him.

Sut mae Athrawiaethau Gras wedi newid neu effeithio ar eich bywyd?

Without it i would be broken.

When you struggle with sin and with trials if you think you can get through either on your own you will fail every time, you may make it to the other end but you will be worse off for it. Everytime my sister goes back into the hospitable i fall back and lean on Gods grace and the assurance we have that in Him we are forgiven and all things will work towards our ultimate good.

Oes gennych chi "Amser Tawel?" Beth ydych chi'n astudio?

I do have a “quiet time” so to speak. I am bouncing around slowly the books of the bible but mostly going through it end to end with interludes along the way. I just read song of Solomon and before that i read the gospel of Luke and right now i am reading Daniel.

I go through the bible every day on my own and also often with my family and the Christian group at uni. I am also reading a book on prayer right now as well as Calvin’s institutes of the Christian religion, Although i haven’t gone through it at all lately. I try to pray as frequently as i can but it is something i greatly need to mature on.

Pwy yw eich hoff Gymeriad Beiblaidd a pham?

The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

Ydych chi'n cynnwys bod yn sengl? Pam? Os na, pam?

I have learned recently that i should not hols marriange in such high esteem, so if this had been asked of me up to a week ago i would have sed absolutely no, but now i can say that if God wills it than i will be content with being single my whole life.

Beth yw pedwar rhinwedd y byddai'ch ffrindiau'n eu priodoli i chi?

I cannot really say, most likely, mature, funny (that would be my brothers who all the exact same sense of humour as me) and diligent (my friends who are at the farm). and i cant think of anything for 4th

Beth yw tri pheth yr ydych yn ddiolchgar iawn amdanynt?

God’s grace, holy cow i need it so dearly and i dont deserve it at all. I deserve to be thrown into eternal hellfire but the son of God came down and died for ME.

Prayer. The fact that God is so Holy that even the angels cannot look on Him and yet, Jesus has died that we may come before Him as children, not fearing His wrath but being assured of His Love.

My family. The greatest earthly gift that God has given me are the people around me who constantly strive to grown me as a person.

Disgrifiwch y nodweddion cymeriad a phersonoliaeth rydych chi'n eu mwynhau mewn person arall? Beth yw eich un chi?

The person must be willing to change. We are all wrong about things and we can only grown by changing the things we are wrong about. They must be willing to work hard on a farm, they must be willing to homeschool kids. I am not going to allow any children God blesses me with to be poisoned by modern culture. And finally i love to laugh and sing so i really hope they will as well.

I dont want to judge my own traits as i am full of pride and cannot honestly provide a list that matches up with reality, so if someone wants to see my traits the best way is by knowing me.

Heblaw am eich rhieni, pwy fu'r person mwyaf dylanwadol yn eich bywyd a sut?

If we dont include God who is number one, and my parents (who include my pastor who is my dad) then my older brother who i mentioned prior, he is wise and very mature in his faith and is constantly pushing me forward in mine, correcting me when i am wrong with firmness and gentleness.

Beth gyfrannodd at i'ch perthynas / priodas flaenorol ddod i ben?

I have never been in another relationship.

Ers pryd ydych chi wedi bod ar eich pen eich hun ers hynny a beth wnaethoch chi ei wneud drwyddo?

I have never dated or married anyone.

Hoff linellau o ffilmiau, cerddi, caneuon, emynau neu'r Ysgrythur yr hoffech chi ddweud wrthym amdanyn nhw?

The Lord is my shepherd i shall not want

He maketh me down to lie

In  pastures green he leadeth me

the quiet waters by


my soul we doth restore again

and me to walk doth make

within the house of righteousness

evn for His own name’s sake


Yeah though i walk in deaths dark vale

Yet will i fear none ill

for though art with me and thy rod

and staff me comfort still


my table though hast furnished

in presence of my foes

my head though dost with oil anoint

and my cup overflows


goodness and mercy all my life

shall surely follow me

and in your house forevermore

my dwelling place shall be

psalm 23 lyrical version


non nobis domine     Not to us oh Lord

sed nominai                But to your name

tuo da gloria               Be the glory given.


Pa fath o waith wnaethoch chi / wnaethoch chi?

I study full time right now. Answered more in detail earlier.

I used to work at a bakery for 3 years

Ers pryd ydych chi wedi bod / oeddech chi yn y llinell waith honno? Ydych chi / yn ei fwynhau?

First year of studying,

I loved the bakery, i learned to cook a few delicious baked goods and have lots of fantastic stories.

Oes gennych chi unrhyw nodau gydol oes? Beth ydyn nhw?

To bring Glory to God in all that i do

To mortify the sin that is in me before i go home or Christ comes.

Ble cawsoch chi eich geni a ble ydych chi wedi teithio?

Canada, i’ve lived in New-Zealand from 6 months old to 9 years old and have been in Australia since then.

Sut ydych chi'n mwynhau'ch amser hamdden? Beth ydych chi'n ei wneud ar gyfer hamdden?

I love board games with family, reading hiking, farming and biking. i also play a few video games but not very much at all anymore.

A oes unrhyw beth nad oedd yr holiadur yn ei gwmpasu?

nope, you’ve been pretty comprehensive.

About Me

I am Caleb Klazinga. I work hard and i am pretty fit. I love the Lord and wish to serve Him in any relationships i may have.

I am a deep sinner. I struggle with it constantly and only through the sheer power and grace of God do i remove any of it from me. He is truly great and willing.

All glory be to God.

Fy Niddordebau

see 3 questions prior. i also love theology and robots and engineering and sci fi. im also interested in political philosophy to an extent.

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