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Dyddiad Geni

Blynyddoedd 36, 2 mis yn ôl


Kothanur, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560077, India







Chwilio am

Benyw, Cwrteisi Posibl, Dyddiad gyda Bwriadau Difrifol, Partner Gweithgaredd, Cyfeillgarwch, Priodas â Meddwl

Statws priodasol

Sengl - Peidiwch byth â Phriodi

Cysylltiad Cristnogol

Eglwys Bresbyteraidd Uniongred (OPC)


Dwyrain Indiaidd


5 '5 "



Lliw Llygaid


Lliw Gwallt


Coleg / Prifysgol

Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, South Carolina, USA.

Blwyddyn Graddio


Lefel addysg

Meistri +


Llawn Amser


Intern Bugeiliol


Anugraha Presbyterian Church, Bangalore

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Anaml y byddaf yn yfed

Ar bwnc plant

Hoffwn gael plant un diwrnod

Dywedwch wrthym am eich teulu. Sut ydych chi'n teimlo am adleoli?

I come from an ancient Christian family in Kerala, India and my root goes to the time when Thomas the Apostle of Lord Jesus Christ came to India and preached the Gospel. I have an older brother who lives in US and one younger sister who lives in India.

Next year I will be relocating to New Mexico in US to be a Pastor of a conservative Reformed Church.

Faint oedd eich oed pan gawsoch eich tynnu at Grist a sut mae eich taith gerdded Gristnogol y dyddiau hyn?

I was 19 year old when I was sovereignly drawn towards Christ and since then I loved reading the word of God, being part of the church and walking with the Lord.

Sut mae Athrawiaethau Gras wedi newid neu effeithio ar eich bywyd?

Doctrines of Grace shows me sovereignty of God over all of my life. God has decreed all things whatsoever which comes to pass which means he is in control of all things. So I do not need to fear about tomorrow. Not only God is sovereign but he is also loving. And he has shown his love to me in his Son Jesus Christ whom he sent to die for my sins. No matter what I know my redeemer lives and it has helped me through tough times. And also, I know that I will never be lost or plucked out of my savior’s hands.

Oes gennych chi "Amser Tawel?" Beth ydych chi'n astudio?

Yes, I do have a daily quiet time. Recently I finished the epistle of Ephesians and now reading through the book of Romans.

Pwy yw eich hoff Gymeriad Beiblaidd a pham?

Daniel because he was uncompromising in his devotion to God while living in a foreign land with people of strange customs. In a sense, we are also living in a foreign land waiting for the New Jerusalem which descends from heaven.

Ydych chi'n cynnwys bod yn sengl? Pam? Os na, pam?

I am content being single because I am serving Christ and he has given me a world around me.

Beth yw pedwar rhinwedd y byddai'ch ffrindiau'n eu priodoli i chi?





Beth yw tri pheth yr ydych yn ddiolchgar iawn amdanynt?



Right people around me


Disgrifiwch y nodweddion cymeriad a phersonoliaeth rydych chi'n eu mwynhau mewn person arall? Beth yw eich un chi?

I like believers who are friendly and love the Lord. Especially those who are hospitable and helping others in times of need. I am also drawn towards people who are intelligent and those who have musical or artistic talents.

I am friendly with all kinds of people as long as they are not violent or threat to me. Some say that I am good in understanding people and give good counsel.

Heblaw am eich rhieni, pwy fu'r person mwyaf dylanwadol yn eich bywyd a sut?

There is no single person who has been most influential person in my life but many godly elders, friends and one Pastor in particular. In this Pastor, I saw a real faithful Pastor, husband, father and friend.

Beth gyfrannodd at i'ch perthynas / priodas flaenorol ddod i ben?

I never had any serious relationship but couple of extended dates if I can put that way.

Ers pryd ydych chi wedi bod ar eich pen eich hun ers hynny a beth wnaethoch chi ei wneud drwyddo?

I am on my own from past 12 years and I have worked in a bank for 5 years, seminary 5 years and Pastoral Intern for one and half years.

Hoff linellau o ffilmiau, cerddi, caneuon, emynau neu'r Ysgrythur yr hoffech chi ddweud wrthym amdanyn nhw?

In the beginning God…..(Gen.1:1)

Pa fath o waith wnaethoch chi / wnaethoch chi?

I am a Pastoral Intern at a Reformed Presbyterian Church and before this I have worked in a bank.

Ers pryd ydych chi wedi bod / oeddech chi yn y llinell waith honno? Ydych chi / yn ei fwynhau?

Five years I was in Seminary and I am a Pastoral Intern from past one and half years. I love preaching, teaching, fellowshipping with God’s people, counselling and all kinds of ministry related activities. Before this I have worked in Bank for more than five years but it was not really satisfying. I am so grateful that Lord called me into full time ministry.

Oes gennych chi unrhyw nodau gydol oes? Beth ydyn nhw?

Preach and minister faithfully for at least 30 years as a Pastor of a congregation. This is the primary calling in my life. I am also a churchmen that means I would like to be part of a Presbytery so that I would care for the whole denomination and not just church in my local city.

Ble cawsoch chi eich geni a ble ydych chi wedi teithio?

I was born in India and I have travelled and lived in United States and South Africa apart from living in India.

Sut ydych chi'n mwynhau'ch amser hamdden? Beth ydych chi'n ei wneud ar gyfer hamdden?

Go to friends place, surf the net, watch a movie, play basketball or any outdoor games.

About Me

I am a sinner saved by the grace of God. It’s not I but Lord who chose me. I live and move in him. Not only he chose me but he also called me to be a Minister of the Gospel. I resisted the call to the ministry for a long time but Lord’s will ultimately prevailed.

In terms of my church background, I grew up in a Plymouth Brethren church in India but now I am a Presbyterian. I like Presbyterianism because it places enough checks and balances on those who are in the ministry and it is necessary for the honor and good name of Christ.

In terms of my personality, I am easy going and adjust in most settings.

Fy Niddordebau

I like reading lots of good books, listening to music, watching videos on Artificial Intelligence, robotics, latest technology, playing water sports, beaches, cricket, volleyball, chess, traveling, different cuisines and new cultural experiences.

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