Peter & Robin

We "met" on SGS in February, 2006. We were both somewhat reluctant users experiencing a long period of waiting before the LORD brought us together online. But God nudged us to carry on and to pray. We finally spoke on the phone and had a 3 to 4 hour conversation.

From there, after more prayer seeking the Lord's will versus that of our own, the Lord placed on both of our hearts to meet in person on Easter weekend, it was the beginning of a sweet friendship that led us to be engaged in September 2006 when Peter proposed aboard the USS Intrepid and we were married on July 7, 2007.

SGS was the catalyst to bring us to be united as one in Christ. We highly recommend SGS, as it is so important to be on the same page with your life partner.

Sam & Laura

My wife and I would just like to thank you for operating Sovereign Grace Singles. By God's sovereign grace, we met through this site. We were engaged December 26th, 2009, and were married on August 14th 2009.

We are so thankful that the Lord brought us together through SGS. We just wanted to thank you for operating such a unique ministry, a ministry that has changed both of our lives forever. God bless.

Joshua & Nancy

THANK YOU for all the work you have done here on SGS. Praise be to God for introducing me to a WONDERFUL man through this site.

Daniel & Elisa

Daniel first contacted me in August of 2005. I was thrilled. We hit it off and he came to visit in March. We didn't talk for a while after we met and then by God's providence He brought us back together in 2008. We fell in love and got married in July of '09. Oh, we had a very long distance relationship. He was in Sweden and I was in New Mexico :). True love knows no distance!

Clyde y Xiomara

Excelente en el trato con las personas, alguien está pendiente del site supervisando para que todo vaya bien, lo que nos ha permitido mantener confianza en Le damos las gracias por todo su amor y dedicación a todos nosotros los solterossssssss....