Steven & Sarah’s Story

Sam & Joy's Story

I had been on SGS for a couple of years without any success in meeting someone for a long-term relationship when one day my sister, Mercy, called me over to the computer to see a new guy’s profile. His name was Steven. Long story short—I wasn’t very impressed with his profile. For one thing, it had several snowboarding and skating jokes that I didn’t get. However, I was very impressed with his pictures, and I sent him a message. I was a little surprised such a good-looking guy responded immediately. I admit that was a bit shallow on my part, but God used it for good.

From that point on, January of 2009, we kept exchanging messages and he flew out in April to meet me in person. He was from Washington and I was from Oklahoma. We kept up a long-distance relationship for over a year until he flew down for a surprise visit in February of 2010 and proposed to me on Valentine’s Day. (The same day my sister Mercy got engaged to a guy she had also met off SGS!)

Since then, Steven and I have been married for about 8 and half years, and “together” for over 10, if you date our relationship from when we first met on SGS, which I do. We have three sons together and are currently expecting our fourth baby. The Lord definitely used SGS to bless Steven and I with a very happy marriage and a growing family. Steven and Sarah are Dean Scott’s son and daughter-in-law. He is the founder of SGS. ????[:]


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  1. Wow! Praise God for His mysterious, yet wonderful mercies. Great story with a charming touch at the end.

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