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  • Looking for:
    A Date with Serious Intentions, Potential Courtship, Marriage Minded
  • Семейное положение:
    Single - Never Married
  • Christian Affiliation:
    Reformed Baptist
  • Race:
  • Height:
    5' 7"
  • Build:
  • Цвет глаз:
  • Цвет волос:
  • College /University:
    University of Oklahoma, BA American University, MA
  • Graduation Year:
  • Level of education:
  • Занятость:
    Неполная занятость
  • Occupation:
    Assistant Curator
  • Company:
    Fort Smith Regional Art Museum
  • доход:
    Не указано
  • Seeking Ethnicity:
  • My ideal place to live:
    A farm/cottage in the country
  • My view on smoking:
    I am a non-smoker
  • My view on drinking:
    I drink occasionally
  • On the subject of children:
    I would like to have children one day
  • Tell us about your family. How do you feel about relocating?:
    I’m very close with my family and have been raised to be very family minded. We go to each other’s sporting events, plays, performances, etc and we love a good holiday. There’s usually around 30 of us! Relocating is cool with me, I’ve lived abroad so it’s all free game.
  • How old were you when you were drawn to Christ and how is your Christian walk these days?:
    God saved me at 17, and even amidst little to poor discipleship He’s been merciful. My walk is stronger than it’s ever been and I hope it deepens with every passing day.
  • How have the Doctrines of Grace changed or affected your life?:
    How have they not! I’ve learned the true evil of my sin and my own heart and that I could never pay my debt by good works. My reaction to “Bible Belt” pressure of save everyone you meet now rests in the sovereign hands of my Savior which is freeing to me and great news for all. When I first learned about these doctrines it was as if I was breathing for the first time.
  • Do you have a "Quiet Time?" What are you studying?:
    I do! Every morning I spend time with an early church father such as John Owen, Augustine, or Jonathan Edwards. Then I move on to reading 4-6 chapters of scripture, and end with memorization/meditation on a certain section of scripture. And I’m working on praying throughout! I’m a bit scatterbrained so it’s always a good time.
  • Who is your favorite Biblical Character and why?:
    Do you mean aside from Christ? I think I’ll go with my first literary love Solomon. Ecclesiastes is my favorite book and has been since the moment God saved me. The transcendence of God’s word through time, place, nation, tribe, etc. is a great blessing for my history/philosophy loving brain.
  • Are you content being single? Why? If not, why?:
    Yes! It’s actually difficult to think of myself as not single since I’ve never had any steady relationships. Aside from this, God has gifted me peace through prayer and the study of His Word, always teaching me than He is more valuable than anything this world has to offer, including a spouse. That being said, I do want one! All in His will so I guess we’ll see??
  • What are four qualities your friends would attribute to you?:
    My friends are sarcastic and rarely give me compliments but once I squeezed it out of them I’m sure they’d say something like, funny, fun-loving, warm, creative.
  • What are three things you are most thankful for?:
    I’m thankful that I belong to a merciful and loving God. That he has blessed me with and abundance of family and genuine friends in all seasons of my life even when I felt alone. And lastly that someone in history discovered coffee and donuts. (Is that last one allowed?!)
  • Describe the character and personality traits you enjoy in another person? What are yours?:
    You know, I’m pretty scatterbrained and get overly excited about things. I’m also a bit stubborn at times! So personality traits I’ve always enjoyed are those that are relaxed, plenty of laughter and humor, merciful, and someone that isn’t afraid to tell me the truth.
  • Other than your parents, who has been the most influential person in your life and how?:
    My best friend Morgan. She has grounded me and encouraged me through her actions to always pursue Christ and that He is my ultimate satisfaction. We’ve been friends for 28 years and counting and with each passing year we change and grow. It’s exciting to see how her personality changes, but simultaneously stays the same. I’ve always been a bit of a dreamer, but she has shown me how sweet blessings are here on Earth. I can’t quite explain all she’s meant to me.
  • What contributed to your previous relationship/marriage ending?:
    Well considering I was 19 and dumb, and he was 18 and dumb, my best explanation would be overall sin and drastically different world-views. It was all very dramatic.
  • How long have you been on your own since and what did you to do get through it?:
    On my own as in dating wise? For about 9 years if you can really count my relationship above as such. In terms of getting through it was a combination of plenty of prayer, bible study, discipleship, a few tears and a few rough seasons fully reliant on his daily, sustaining grace. Plus really faithful friends and those same friends making me some really good food with plenty of laughter along the way. Also the constant reminder that it’s not about me anyway.
  • Favorite lines from movies, poems, songs, hymns or Scripture you would like to tell us about?:
    How long is this profile meant to be? J.R.R Tolkien inspired me to become a writer so I suggest his LOTR trilogy all day every day both book and movie form, but especially the book. Hymn- He will hold me fast Scripture- Psalm 128, and I have no idea why I like it so much . Poem- The Faerie Queen by Edmund Spenser Songs- anything by the Alabama Shakes
  • What type of work do/did you do?:
    I work as an art curator for a local museum! Basically I interpret incoming exhibitions and research the permanent collection. I’m also doing a teaching/lecture series over artists throughout history/local artists. I’m also writing my first novel. I’m also starting a photography business. See I tried to tell you, scatterbrained and a little all over the place.
  • How long have you been/were you in that line of work? Do/you enjoy it?:
    I’ve been doing curatorial stuff/ researching art for the past 5 years and wouldn’t have it any other way. My heart is in academic research, so I hope to apply for a PhD in Italian Renaissance this year.
  • Do you have any life-long goals? What are they?:
    I’ve always wanted to be a college professor and writer. Those goals have never changed!
  • Where were you born and where have you traveled?:
    I was born in good ole’ Arkansas, raised in Oklahoma and have an accent to prove it. Or so I’ve been told. Internationally I’ve traveled to Germany, Ireland, France, Italy, Transylvania (for Halloween, and it was something else) and Mexico. In the US I’ve been to California, New Mexico, Texas, Kansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North and South Carolina, New York, Washington DC, Maryland, Connecticut and Alaska!
  • How do you enjoy your leisure time? What do you do for recreation?:
    Reading of course! And writing. I also enjoy going on extended walks and I really love shopping. Oh and napping! Occasionally I’ll Netflix binge. For recreational stuff I enjoy hiking and swimming, would working out count too? I do enjoy my workout regime.
  • Is there anything that the questionnaire didn’t cover?:
    Technically I have strawberry blonde hair not strictly red hair, just in case that was a deal breaker.
  • О себе:
    a christian hedonist & self verified maximalist. Augustine is my guy
    so, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God // 1 corinthians 10:31
  • Мои Интересы:
    Reading, writing, most literature, museums, learning languages, fashion, OU football, interior design, donuts, coffee (emphasis), and an advocate of naps.
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