SarahCG inne szczegóły
  • Looking for:
    Marriage Minded
  • Stan cywilny:
    Single - Never Married
  • Christian Affiliation:
    Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)
  • Race:
  • Height:
    5' 0"
  • Build:
  • Kolor oczu:
  • Kolor włosów:
    Light Brown
  • College /University:
    I graduated from a local college with a degree in accounting.
  • Graduation Year:
  • Level of education:
  • Zatrudnienie:
    Pełny etat
  • Occupation:
    Accounting Intern
  • Company:
    Local accounting firm
  • Dochód:
    Nie podano
  • Seeking Ethnicity:
  • My ideal place to live:
    A farm/cottage in the country
  • My view on smoking:
    I don't smoke and I don't like to be around smokers
  • My view on drinking:
    I don't touch the stuff
  • On the subject of children:
    I would like to have children one day
  • Tell us about your family. How do you feel about relocating?:
    I would prefer to stay near my family; however, for the right man I would consider it. It would also depend on were I was being asked to relocate to.
  • How old were you when you were drawn to Christ and how is your Christian walk these days?:
    I was raised in a Christian family and can't really point to a specific moment were I became a Christian. I love Jesus, and seek to grow in Christ all my life.
  • Do you have a "Quiet Time?" What are you studying?:
    Yes. I am reading through Genesis
  • Are you content being single? Why? If not, why?:
    I would pray to be content with whatever God's plans are for my life, but always desired to be a godly wife and mother.
  • What are four qualities your friends would attribute to you?:
    Hardworking, reliable, shy, goofy
  • What are three things you are most thankful for?:
    Salvation. family, living in a free country with freedom to worship..
  • Describe the character and personality traits you enjoy in another person? What are yours?:
    Ability to be understanding and accepting of differences in personalities. Love of God I also enjoy someone with a sense of humor.
  • Favorite lines from movies, poems, songs, hymns or Scripture you would like to tell us about?:
    Ps. 42 As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God... (whole psalm)
  • What type of work do/did you do?:
  • How long have you been/were you in that line of work? Do/you enjoy it?:
  • How do you enjoy your leisure time? What do you do for recreation?:
    I enjoy sewing and other needle arts, reading, and spending time with my family.
  • O mnie:
    I am a homeschool graduate. I am an introvert who generally prefers staying home with a good book and a cup of tea or spending time with family and close friends to being at large gatherings. Although I am shy, once I have become comfortable with someone, I can be rather talkative. I have volunteered in various children's ministries over the years, including my church's children's programs. Someday, I hope to be a keeper at home.
  • Moje zainteresowania:
    My interests include: books( especially Jane Austen, Dickens, Tolkien, and craft and recipe books), sewing, studying historical and movie costumes, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Star Trek, other science fiction and fantasy, and learning about names.
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