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25 taona lasa izay


Strathroy, ON, Canada










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Fifandraisana kristiana

Church Reformed Church (URC)




6 '5 "



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University University



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Registered Nurse


Victorian Order of Nurses for Canada

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Lazao anay ny momba ny fianakavianao. Ahoana ny fahitanao ny famindrana toerana?

I am the oldest of four children. I have two sisters and one brother. My oldest sister is married and my brother is also engaged. I am quite fond of the house I live in with my roommate in Strathroy; however, I am open to adventures and willing to move as long as there is a solid Bible-believing church in the area.

Firy taona ianao rehefa nanatona an'i Kristy ary nanao ahoana ny dia kristiana nataonao amin'izao andro izao?

I grew up in a God-honouring home where the gospel was always taught. However, I really began to develop an appreciation for God the Father in my high school years when the Spirit convicted me of my need for Him. I also developed a zeal for Christ at this time and cherished His work on the cross. I was further drawn to Christ more recently when listened to a sermon and I realized that He not only forgives all our failings and weaknesses when we repent but also can use them to continue to bring us to Him. He uses us even when we are sinful and makes us beautiful!

Tamin'ny fomba ahoana no nanovana na nisy fiantraikany tamin'ny fiainanao ny Doctrines of Grace?

We are totally depraved born in sin. Nothing we do could merit God’s favour. I need to continue to remind myself of this when I develop pride, because, to quote from CityAlight, it is not I but through Christ in me. His atonement was enough for me and He is now able to take what was polluted and make it wonderful!

Manana "Fotoana mangina ve ianao?" Inona no ianaranao?

Yes, I have a quiet time in the evenings. I am reading Charles Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening devotional. I am also reading the book of Leviticus. While it is a very difficult book to read and I would admit I could certainly put more effort sometimes into understanding every individual sacrifice, it continues to reiterate the theme of how great Christ’s sacrifice was.

Iza no toetran'ny Baiboly tianao indrindra ary nahoana?

Our pastor recently did an excellent sermon series on the life of Joseph. It is incredible to see how God used suffering in Joseph’s life to accomplish His work.

Milamina ve ianao amin'ny maha mpitovo? Fa maninona Raha tsy izany, nahoana?

I definitely do enjoy and am content being single and have been able to do a lot of meaningful reflection because I am able to have time to myself without any interruptions. I also believe that God can use me as a single as I have considered doing mission trips. However I have always had a desire to be married some day. There are days when that desire is stronger than other days, but overall it remains present and motivates me to continue to seek a life’s partner. I have a dear aunt who is a nurse as well as a missionary who met her husband through an online dating site. Ever since this, she encouraged me to pursue finding a helpmeet online, and even if this method of seeking a life’s partner is unsuccessful, she encouraged me to consider myself one experience richer.

Inona avy ireo toetra efatra azon'ny namanao omena anao?

Quiet, thoughtful, hard-working, and non-judgemental.

Inona ireo zavatra telo ankasitrahanao indrindra?

I am thankful for God most of all. I am always provided for through Him, and all my sins are forgiven because of Him.

I am also so grateful to have a home of my own. Through God’s amazing providence I was able to find a home at a time when it is so difficult to afford a home.

I am also grateful for my job. I am so thankful to be able to allow people to have optimal comfort and perform treatments to assist people.

Farito ny toetra amam-panahy tianao amin'ny olona hafa? Inona ny anao?

I desire someone who loves God. As well I would enjoy that person to be thoughtful, calm, and humble. I have been told that I am humble by others. I am also told that I create an environment in my conversations that allows people to feel comfortable opening up to me.

Ankoatra ny ray aman-dreninao, iza no olona nanan-kery indrindra teo amin'ny fiainanao ary tamin'ny fomba ahoana?

My parents are the reason why I am inspired to live a God-centered life. Lately, if I were to be asked who is truly the most inspiring person in my life, it is a nurse practitioner who I have had the privilege of working with during my time with the Victorian Order of Nurses. This man has inspired me to become a nurse practitioner and has demonstrated through his conduct how honourable his profession is. Unfortunately this man is not a Christian, so I plan to talk to him about this in the future.

Andalana ankafizinao avy amin'ny sarimihetsika, tononkalo, hira, fihirana na andinin-teny tianao hambara aminay?

Phillipians 4:6-7: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. ”

Leanna Crawford: “Someday soon I’ll look back and see/ All the pain had a purpose/ Your plan was perfect all along/ This is the truth I’m standing on”

David Platt, when discussing the dangers of seeking happiness through wordly desires: “The problem is not that we desire happiness is that we desire happiness too little.”

We the Kingdom/ Chris Tomlin: “The darkness was deep but never hopeless- redemption came and His name is Jesus!”


Inona no karazana asa nataonao / nataonao?

I am currently a registered nurse for the Victorian Order of Nurses. I have worked previously as a personal support worker, a farm labourer and as an employee for a furniture store.

Naharitra hafiriana ianao / niasa tamin'io lahasa asa io? Ankafizinao / tianao ve izany?

I have been in this line of work for 3 years. I truly enjoy it and am encouraged by my clients to continue to do this work. While my clients and co-workers have accepted me for who I am, they have also gently encouraged me to seek further opportunities. That is why I will be going back to school in September and LORD willing will be a nurse practitioner in two years.

Manana tanjona kendrena mandritra ny androm-piainana ve ianao? F'inona izy ireo?

My goal at this time is to become a nurse practitioner. I also want to continue to inspire others that they are loved by Christ and He can use their brokenness to shine through them.

Taiza ianao no teraka ary taiza no nitetezanao?

I was born in Southern Ontario. I have made multiple trips to Northern Ontario and Nova Scotia to visit relatives. I have also visited a lot of the Eastern United States. My dear aunt who inspired me to try online dating lives in Texas and I have visited her once just as the pandemic was beginning to unfold. I have also been to every province in Canada except Saskatchewan and Newfoundland.

Ahoana no hankafizanao ny fotoana fialam-bolinao? Inona no ataonao amin'ny fialam-boly?

I enjoy long-distance running and typically run on the nearby gravel roads by my town. I enjoy either walking or running down certain roads for exercise and reflection. I also spend time maintaing my home as well as meeting up with friends for mutual encouragement. I also enjoy reading practical books on Christianity.

Misy zavatra tsy nopetahan'ilay fanontaniana ve?


Momba ahy

I enjoy my parent’s two golden retrievers as well as their black cat. Fortunately, the dogs and cat get along well so I can spend time with them all at the same time!

Ireo tombontsoako

3D puzzles, seeing different parts of the local community and learning more about how to encourage people and provide Godly advice.

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