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Kansas City



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Marriage Minded

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Single – Never Married

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Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)




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Midwestern Seminary (MDiv)

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I’m incredibly close to all my family who live in KC. For now, I have no plan to relocate, as UPS doesn’t allow transfers, and between income and enjoyment of my work I have no desire to leave.

Seeking Ethnicity (those I am willing to date)


My ideal place to live

In the heart of the city

My view on smoking

I am a non-smoker

My view on drinking

I don't drink, but don't mind others drinking in moderation

On the subject of children

I would like to have children one day

Tell us about your family. How do you feel about relocating?

From birth Christ claimed me, but o became aware of my sin, his salvation, and how he alone could save me about age 4. I weekly go to church 2-3 times, I lead a Sunday school class for adults, and am getting ordained so I can both preach and be a chaplain in the reserves.

How old were you when you were drawn to Christ and how is your Christian walk these days?

They have made me kinder, more aware of His mercy, and brought me into deeper dependence upon my Lord

How have the Doctrines of Grace changed or affected your life?

Daily. I read the Westminster Confession after work, I also read out of the Old and New Testament in the AN, and usually sing a hymn or two before bed with a brief devotional and prayer time which I hope will be a part f family worship if God gives me a family to serve sacrificially in love as He served the church to the point of death.

Do you have a "Quiet Time?" What are you studying?

David. His leadership, fallenness at times, and love for the Lord is something I both want and find encouragement from.

Who is your favorite Biblical Character and why?

Usually, but sometimes it’s a struggle to see contentment when I’m around families at church with the pressure sometimes people give to get married. Sometimes I feel like people treat me like there’s something “wrong” since I’m not married! Ha!

Are you content being single? Why? If not, why?

Patient, Low stress / avoider of drama, funny, and hard working

What are four qualities your friends would attribute to you?

My salvation


A good meal with a glass of wine, delicious food, and lively conversation with dear people I love.

What are three things you are most thankful for?

Low key, intelligent, compassionate, inquisitive in all areas, adventurous, and not afraid of risk (especially for the gospel)

Describe the character and personality traits you enjoy in another person? What are yours?

Kevin Cawley. My pastor after college who helped me see the richness of the gospel and own it deeply as my own rather than as a covenantal blessing of my family.

Other than your parents, who has been the most influential person in your life and how?

Never married, and never lived with someone. I’ve dated a fair share, and ultimately my hope is to find a wife who is reformed, has a heart for hospitality, and will go anywhere for Jesus when God calls to that. Three traits not always easy to find!

What contributed to your previous relationship/marriage ending?

I guess all my life…? I’ve had several relationships most of which in the 6-12 months range.

How long have you been on your own since and what did you to do get through it?

I’m memorizing Romans 8, so that’s a big one.  “How we live our days, is how we live our lives” roughly quoting Annie Dillard.

Favorite lines from movies, poems, songs, hymns or Scripture you would like to tell us about?

Truck driving, but as said before, I used to be a manager in an engineering firm, as well as an HR professional, and a domestic missionary

What type of work do/did you do?

About a year, and I love it

About Me

I am enthused by many things, and am a master of none of them! Proof by my education (degrees in theology, business, liberal arts, sociology) and my career choices already (banking, engineering firm, missionary, chaplain, and truck driver). I love adventure, and hope Lord willing to work abroad as a missionary in a decade or so. For now, the Midwest is home, my job is wonderful, and I hope to find a wife at home in a conservative (PCA) Presbyterian Church!

My Interests

Travel, the outdoors, baseball, beer brewing, coffee roasting, and Bible study keep me happy, busy, and pointed toward bringing Him glory in my world!

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