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Looking for

A Date with Serious Intentions, Marriage Minded

Marital Status

Single – Never Married

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6' 2"



Eye Color


Hair Color

Dark Brown

College /University

Michigan Technological University

Graduation Year


Level of education

PHD/MD/JD/EdD/DDS or other professional doctorate


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University of Oregon

Seeking Ethnicity (those I am willing to date)


My ideal place to live


My view on smoking

I don't smoke and I don't like to be around smokers

My view on drinking

I drink occasionally

On the subject of children

I would like to have children one day

Tell us about your family. How do you feel about relocating?

My family is in Michigan, where I grew up. I am open to relocating, I like to think I’m pretty good at it by now.

How old were you when you were drawn to Christ and how is your Christian walk these days?

I became a Christian when I was about 20, but that’s a whole story in itself. Since then, I’ve been always learning. Learning about the cross and the God who saved me. Learning to change the way I think based on what the Bible says. Learning to change what I think the Bible says in submission to what it actually says. And learning to say “I don’t know” instead of building an opinion on nothing. I love theology, and I would say I am currently learning to be more gracious in my attitude towards people with different theology.

Do you have a "Quiet Time?" What are you studying?

I am usually just going through the Bible. Sometimes I like to go through commentaries as well.

Who is your favorite Biblical Character and why?

Jesus. That feels like a cop-out answer, but who else could you possibly pick!?

Are you content being single? Why? If not, why?

Both yes and no. Honestly, I like being single. I have so many things to do. I’ve had enough unpleasant relationships to not just look for the next one. But I do want to have someone I care about and want to do life with, and start a family at some point.

What are four qualities your friends would attribute to you?

Easy-going, intelligent, energetic, and funny.

Describe the character and personality traits you enjoy in another person? What are yours?

I’m looking for the sort of person who might not always act their age. Someone who likes to dance like an idiot in the kitchen, and knows that office chairs are a pretty good way to move down a hallway. Someone who can laugh at an unending stream of ridiculous voices and bad jokes. Someone who actually enjoys life, and isn’t waiting for the right guy to come along so life can finally begin. Someone I can just be myself around. But there has to be a serious side too. I’m looking for someone who genuinely loves Jesus. Someone who knows the Bible and wants to submit to everything it says. Someone to push, and to be pushed by.


That said, fitness is also important to me, and it’s important that I can pursue that with my partner.

How long have you been on your own since and what did you to do get through it?

I’m not sure what this question is asking. Whether it’s referring to not living at home or not being in a relationship, I don’t think of either one as something to “get through.” I just live life, whatever that looks like.

Favorite lines from movies, poems, songs, hymns or Scripture you would like to tell us about?

I’m a big fan of Jeremiah 32. It’s a good conversation topic.

What type of work do/did you do?

I’m an engineer, and I mainly work on medical devices.

How long have you been/were you in that line of work? Do/you enjoy it?

It’s been about 5 years, and it can be pretty fun. It’s like I get to do expensive arts and crafts projects for a living.

Do you have any life-long goals? What are they?

I’ve been really getting into guitar lately, and I would love to write and record an album someday.

Where were you born and where have you traveled?

I was born in Michigan. Outside of the US I have only been to England, Ireland, and Lebanon.

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I’ll come back to this. Probably.

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