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  • Olivia Cornwell

    January 11, 2021 at 12:53 pm

    Hi! 😀

    I’m trying to remember I have an account some days. xD And here I thought I was more extroverted/social online than I am in real life. xD

    Ooh, nice! 😀 I love meeting homeschoolers who come from big families!

    I haven’t traveled a whole lot, save for a few vacations, or trips to visit family. I traveled to Peru to volunteer at an orphanage. I helped out a little with the kids’ schooling, and taught them some basic English. It was a fantastic experience, and it was my first time traveling internationally (and by my myself). But it was so fun and I almost didn’t want to leave them all. xD

    I don’t bake a lot, but when I do I love making sweet things. I recently made latte spritzers (basically coffee-flavored cookies) and they were SO good!

    Do you bake?

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