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  • KoryD

    January 4, 2021 at 11:44 am

    Hey All,

    I joined SGS two days ago.

    In my church I currently serve as a laymen.(non elder/ non deacon).

    I serve on the evangelism team(handing out tracts Todd Friel style/ occasionally door knocking).

    I am hoping to get involved with serving in a liturgical/ order of service role with my church as an opportunity in that area will be opening up in March.This Past G3 conference has really excited my interest in liturgy(I also play 2 instruments).

    On the professional side, I’m an Industrial Engineer working for Boeing on a Boeing Defense contract for the Air Force. Will be starting a Master’s degree in System’s Engineering this fall.

    On the personal side, I am studying the pastoral epistles and reading ” Rare Sermons of Jonathon Edwards”. I need to improve in the area of facilitating fellowship/ intentional edification within my body and I am studying the pastoral epistles as a means to motivate/exhort myself to that end. I am reading J.Ed’s sermons because he’s my favorite Neo Puritan.

    My next study will be the modern exposition of the 1689 and or Gospel worship by J.burroughs :D!!!!

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