FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

SGS offers a 7-day free trial

Once you register for a 7-day free trial, you are considered a Guest Member. The first thing a guest MUST do is fill out their profile. We want to know all about you. This enables you to gain access to the Activity Feed and other features of the site.

You can then enjoy the SGS Membership features like an SGS member, but only for 7 days. You are able to create a  Search, View and read in the Activity Feed, Groups and Forums. You can even message other members.

Guest membership expires in 7 days after which you loose access to message other members, participate in the activity feed and make use of the video chat feature provided on the site.

We highly encourage you to subscribe as a Premium Member and get all the benefits SGS provides.

SGS provides three pricing options. They start at $29.99 for Monthly, 6 Month and Yearly Plans. They all give you all the Premium Member features provided by SGS for connecting with that special someone.

 Learn all about our memberships and pricing by signing up.  Choose the pricing option that works best for you. They all get you the Premium features provided by SGS for connecting with that special someone. 

Don’t delay.

This allows Members on our site to connect with others. That allows Members to connect to people they want to hear from and focus on those they care about most. The idea behind Connections is you connect and ask permission to the other person before you are connected but this is optional.
(It is similar to what “Friends” is on Facebook.)

Each Member receives Notifications via email and on their SGS Messages area when you are Mentioned and anywhere you are referenced via your Username. This also occurs by using “@” before other Member’s Username as well. This means that someone is trying to contact or Connect with you.

A Notification also occurs by means of a pop-up window on the left side when someone has visited your Profile or commented to something you said in a Group, Forum or in the Activity Feed.

They can also be accessed via the drop-down in the upper right corner…

Premium Members on SGS can Message each other. Non-Premium members can receive messages from other Members but they cannot reply. To read and reply to the Message they have received on SGS, they would need to become a Premium Member.

In the upper right corner you will see this…

There are two ways to Search on SGS.

One is by using Search at the top and simply do a Word Search by typing in any word you wish and it will take you to wherever that word appears on SGS… in a Forum, Group, Activity Feed or other Member’s Profile.

“Sailing”, “Skiing”, ‘Miami”… whatever you desire… give it a try!



…and then…

Another is by using Search Parameters such as Age, Gender, Location, Marital Status, on the right side you will see this… (scroll down to see all options)…

The third is by using the Geo-Locator Map which indicates where Members are located and features a Link to their Profile (you might need to zoom in to see some Profile links).

This is how to find yours via your Profile… Login and…

And on another Member’s Profile page…

We have recently revisited our Search features to make them more user friendly and effective for connecting with other members BUT we will be making it simpler and easier soon.

Login and go to your Profile and see in the upper right corner…

…you will see the option to “Delete Account” there…

…and your Profile will be permanently deleted.

 (NOTICE!:  If you have Messages, your Profile, pictures or anything on SGS you would like to keep, do so before deleting your Profile because it and all your Account content will be permanently lost and not retrievable!)

The Block features allows you to prohibit the person Blocked from seeing your Profile or any of your Activity Feed posts and Group or Forum Activity.

You will not be able to view theirs either and you will see this notification:

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