DOB & Search On ‘Looking For’ Resolved

A number of our members let us know that search on the field 'Looking For' was not returning the correct results. This has now been resolved.

We have also updated profiles to display a member's Age rather than their DOB special info.


  1. WGN

    The search function is not working properly. When I do a search, after moving to the next page of results, the parameters of the search are not retained and all members are shown. The furthest that I have been able to get before this happens is the 3rd page of results. The parameters that I have set are: Seeking a: Female
    Age: min 32 max 34

  2. sgsadmin Post author


    I’m very sorry it has taken me so long to reply.

    I did a Search with those parameters, Female aged 32-34 and found 174!

    “Viewing 1 – 20 of 174 active members”

    Did you use parameters other than those in your Search?


  3. ReformedVet

    I have been having the same issues with the search function not retaining parameters and showing all members when I go to the next page of results

  4. Patience C.

    I am also having an issue with the search function. As soon as I go to the next page, it takes me from my original search to the list of all members.

  5. sgsadmin Post author

    I wrote Robert and here is his reply…

    “The issue is very sporadic. Sometimes it happens very quickly and other times you can search uninterrupted for 20 pages without an issue.

    I’ve just spent another hour poking around and testing the search to see if I could find out what was causing the issue to no avail.

    I’ve just put in a support request with the plugin creator and will see what he has to say about the issue.”

    Do you still have problems with Search on your end?


  6. sgsadmin Post author

    I had contacted SGS’ webmaster and the servers were being over run. He has remedied the situation.

    How is it for you now?


    1. sgsadmin Post author


      I agree… I don’t see it either!

      I just wrote SGS’ webmaster about this and I will reply when I hear from him… or he might do so here himself.


      PS… Btw… we are working on a New SGS and plan on it resulting in such problems being resolved!