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prije 22 godina


Sioux Falls, SD, USA


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Južna Dakota


Sioux Falls


Žensko, potencijalno udvaranje, brak

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Slobodna - nikad udata

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Reformirani baptist




5 '9 "



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Liberty University Online

Godina mature


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Komercijalni pilot


CSA Air, Inc.

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Recite nam nešto o svojoj porodici. Kako se osjećate zbog preseljenja?

I have a great family. All but the youngest have made a decision to answer God’s call and follow Christ. I’m the oldest of nine (six brothers and two sisters), and I have greatly enjoyed the privilege of helping out and watching my parents bring up my siblings. All of us are homeschooled, but we haven’t really taken part in any homeschool co-ops. As I’ve gotten older and socialized on my own, I’ve built my own network of Christian contacts. Add to this that I enjoy South Dakota’s freedom and most of my family lives here, and it will be difficult to leave indeed. Probably going to happen though, this January, for career purposes. Either Indianapolis or Memphis. Lord willing, that’s where I’ll set up a more permanent base camp of my own!

Koliko ste imali godina kada vas je privukao Hrist i kakva je vaša hrišćanska šetnja ovih dana?

I’ve been a believer my whole life. But even the demons believe. As I grew in my knowledge of Scripture, I began to realize that a simple, noncommittal belief was not enough. At age 12, I decided to follow through in obedience, repenting of my sins, committing my life to Christ, and receiving baptism. It was a more black-and-white conversion than most people experience, and in my opinion, the Lord was gracious in giving it to me in such a way. It’s been quite a bit easier for me to point back and say “That’s where God changed me.” Today, I’m continuing to live in submission to God and strive to honor Him in everything I do. Not that I’m perfect by any means.

Kako su se doktrine milosti promijenile ili utjecale na vaš život?

Ever since I became a Christian, I’ve been fully confident of Christ’s sacrifice being sufficient for my sins. I am at peace with the Lord, and I have a reason to exist: to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. This absolutely has a direct effect on my work. To do a sloppy or slow job or work with a discontented spirit does not honor God, and so I strive to do the exact opposite. Work hard, do a good job, present a cheerful attitude, and reflect the resulting glory back to the Father.

Imate li "Vrijeme tišine?" Šta proučavate?

Yes, on a daily basis. Currently going through the M’Cheyne Bible reading plan, the original purpose of which was to go through the Bible in a year along with the rest of the town. On a much smaller level, our family has taken up the tradition, so we all have a common springboard for conversation throughout the week. Today I went through 1 Chronicles 18, James 5, Jonah 2, and Psalms 95 and 96. Prayer time is also a part of that.

Ko je vaš omiljeni biblijski lik i zašto?

Definitely David, king of Israel. He started with small beginnings, like myself, though God chose to elevate this humble man. We all know David as a great leader who had a great faith, and though he made mistakes, he was truly repentant. Part of what is so stunning when reading about him is the fact that only after he had amassed all the wealth and comfort and high status did he fall into egregious sin. Though he was forgiven, the repercussions of his complacency followed him to his grave.

Jeste li zadovoljni samcima? Zašto? Ako ne, zašto?

As we are called to be content in all kinds of various trials, yes. Singleness should be a time of thankfulness, intense productivity, and spiritual growth. But it’s not an excuse for laziness, debt, or actions which would not be God-honoring in marriage or in any other state of life.

Koje bi vam četiri osobine pripisali prijatelji?

Hard working, optimistic, loyal, sacrificing.

Na koje ste tri stvari najzahvalnije?

1. God’s gift of salvation through His son Jesus Christ, and the fact that He chose me to take part in it.

2. My family, especially the fact that pretty much everyone is saved within my immediate family. Even a majority of my near relatives are all Christians.

3. Where God has placed me on this earth and the dreams He has instilled in me which have become realized.

Opišite karaktere i osobine ličnosti u kojima uživate u drugoj osobi? Koje su tvoje

Without my mother or my sister to aptly model this, I would be rather clueless. But I am not. In a woman, I’m looking for a strong Christian whose faith has an impact on daily life, gentleness, submissiveness, patience, discipline, a good solid work ethic, but mostly a healthy fear of the Lord. I’ve already given four personality traits of mine. I strive to be a strong leader, though Lord knows I could do better.

Osim vaših roditelja, ko je i kako bio najuticajnija osoba u vašem životu?

Recently, Michael Foster. Look up “It’s Good to be a Man”. I’d hastily add Doug Wilson and James White to that, but that would make three. Through his podcasts, Michael Foster instilled  a desire to pursue a biblical masculinity with a vengeance. It’s amazing how much of the feminizing culture has gotten around, especially within the church.

Šta je doprinijelo okončanju vaše prethodne veze / braka?

While I haven’t been married, I have been seriously interested in about three people. The first of those relationships ended due to the girl’s theological beliefs, and the next two due to the girl’s lack of interest in furthering the relationship.

Koliko dugo ste sami i od čega ste to prošli?

Always been single. Since the last potential relationship? About a year. Pretty much the only thing that keeps me from getting desperate is a faith that no matter how hard I try, God will bring about marriage in His own perfect timing. And until then, I cannot honor Him by sitting around and complaining about it.

Omiljeni redovi iz filmova, pjesama, pjesama, himni ili Svetog pisma o kojima biste nam željeli reći?

Kind of my rallying cry of sorts: Matthew 16:24, when Jesus says “If anyone wishes to follow Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me.” It’s a good reminder, when a lazy spirit kicks back. Deny your own desires. They aren’t applicable. Set your mind to the task in front of you and follow God’s will.

Koju vrstu posla ste radili / radili?

I currently fly Cessna Caravans for CSA Air, which is contracted to fly FedEx freight with FedEx airplanes. It’s a good job, and I don’t deserve it. Hoping to start training for the next level up, the ATR, out of either Indianapolis or Memphis starting this January. Vaccine requirements and likewise craziness may influence my future decisions along this line.

Koliko dugo ste bili / bili u tom poslu? Da li uzivas?

I’ve been flying for about 3 years now, and I can’t imagine doing anything else. Seeing God’s creation from that perspective while getting paid pretty good money is amazing. Flying does inherently come with odd working hours and more significant periods of time away from home, but I have discovered that flying in the cargo industry instead of the airline industry results in quite a bit more family time, though less glamorous overall.

Imate li neke životne ciljeve? Šta su oni?

I want to raise a large family in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, and to have my offspring be a better and stronger light in the world than I am. I also would like to make my house a springboard of action against the pagan culture, starting by developing a community of local Christians. What this results in is in the Lord’s hands. But we need communities of disciples making a difference in the culture.

Gdje ste rođeni i gdje ste putovali?

I was born in Norfolk, Nebraska. I currently live with my parents in Sioux Falls, South Dakota while I get ready for the next job, and I’ve traveled to most of the nearby states. A recent Fight Laugh Feast conference brought me to the Nashville, TN area. Been out of the country once with my dad, on a short-term mission trip to Nicaragua, at age 13. I’d enjoy traveling more if it wasn’t so expensive. As it is, I have better areas to invest my funds.

Kako uživate u slobodnom vremenu? Šta radite za rekreaciju?

I paint artwork and sell it online (enjoywillart.com). I also give flight lessons to local students, and when I’m not studying theology or aviation or either of those two, I have a blog I write for (https://aviology167556537.wordpress.com). Needless to say, the week is generally filled with productivity for 6 days. I’m not a staunch sabbath person, but I’m exceedingly grateful for the relaxation with family on Sunday.

Postoji li nešto što upitnik nije obuhvatio?

These were great questions. One thing to stress is my potential to be away from home for days or weeks at a time. Airline pilots have it pretty rough, but as a cargo pilot I generally get weekends and holidays off, and I’m home every night. But society is getting pretty crazy, and who knows what the future holds!

O meni

I would call myself a reformed baptist, and as such I am looking for a reformed baptist. While I don’t have such a disagreement that I would by any means question the salvation of someone who would differ with me on this issue, raising children is not a haphazard business, and my wife will not be in disagreement with me on this subject. That being said, I always enjoy a rousing discussion on the matter.

Eschatology is Amil-postmil something. Still working that out, also open for a rousing discussion. If you start talking about waiting for the rapture, we can’t be friends.

Moji interesi

Family, airplanes, theology, artwork, writing.

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