Andrej & Anu’s Story! SGS’ FIRST WEDDING- 2005!

Dear Dean,

My name is Anu Gopalan, but I go by Grace on the website. I wanted to let you know how God has used SGS in my life. I signed onto SGS making it very clear that I was only interested in Indian men. Then I took a trip to Switzerland, and was amazed at the level of depravity exhibited by the people there. Not only was Europe in a state of spiritual darkness, but the level of immorality was astonishing. My heart was grieved as figures of Zwingli and Calvin went unnoticed in the streets and corners. The gospel seemed to be a rarity. I was amazed that there were so many people and could not help but wonder if any of them had heard the gospel. When I returned to Florida, my heart continued to be burdened with what I saw. I had been praying for places in Africa and India but Europe seemed to be more lost and my prayers for the people of the continent were not uttered very frequently.

When I returned, I found that I was impressed by the profile of “Sovereigngrace” who lived in Germany. I wrote asking if the spiritual plight of the people in Germany was the same. Andrej wasted no time in responding. We wrote on SGS for awhile, exchanging prayer requests, then we began to converse over the phone and before long, Andrej was here in Florida. My church family fell in love with him instantly. I would like you to keep in mind that neither one of us knew what the other one looked like. His parents were not happy in the beginning with the concept of the relationship. Before even coming to see me, he spoke to them and they were upset. The Lord impressed upon my heart to write a letter to them and this eased some of the pain.

Andrej returned to see me 2 weeks later, and I recently went to Germany to meet his family. I don’t know which way it went, but all of us fell in love with each other.

I would like to emphasize that when Andrej and I first spoke, we found that there were absolutely no doctrinal differences, even in the smallest of convictions where we believed we would probably need to surrender for our spouses. I saw in Andrej the splendor and the majesty of Christ that I had rarely seen before. I was grateful that God had destroyed any barriers I had placed and any obstacles that I had construed in my mind for I have found a truly beloved Christian man who seeks to glorify his Lord and am thankful.

I have since been back to Germany and Andrej has visited here. We are getting married on December 17 in the little town of Lemgo in Germany.
In Christ

Andrej and Anu ———————————————-


The testimony I wrote:

A tale of two countries…..

I have a story to tell that sounds like a Christian fairy tale, only it is the truth and difficult for even myself to believe.

Several months ago, I was intensely struggling with the desire to get married, crying into my pillow into the late night hours praying that the Lord would provide. I was even beginning to wonder if He would be gracious to give me the gift of singleness where I could be content if it was His desire for me to be single. I wanted and prayed that I would be content in the Lord. I did acknowledge my struggle to Him but believed in faith that He would provide.

Then one day I wanted to look for a website that was for single reformed persons which would provide a medium to meet a reformed Indian man. I searched the web for several hours and found Soveriegngracesingles and signed myself up making it clear on my profile that I was only interested in Indian men.

Shortly thereafter, my best friend invited me on a trip to Switzerland (since she knew I had always wanted to go there and she was going there for work) and I leaped at the opportunity. We had a wonderful time, only I found such depravity throughout the nation that my heart was sorely vexed. I had been praying for 3rd world countries, yet Europe was so much more in darkness than anywhere else I had ever visited. It grieved me even more because the reformation began there and looking at the plight of Switzerland, I could not help but be flabbergasted. I came back with a heavy heart, saddened that I had neglected to pray for Europe as I had.

I looked on SGS (sovereigngracesingles) for someone European and found the name Sovereigngrace, a 35 year old man from Germany who wrote very little about himself, except how he was saved and how he had come to see the doctrines of grace. I was impressed, and believed I would have an honest answer about how serious people are about their spiritual plight. I wrote to him and a speedy response arrived. We then began writing about doctrine and our faith on SGS and shortly thereafter began to email each other. One day, he wrote and said he was going to Johannesburg, South Africa and could not have access to the internet so asked if he could have my phone number, since we also exchanged prayer needs and he was praying for a specific urgent matter and wanted to know the outcome. I gave him my home number. I did not get a call from Africa but he called when he came back to Germany.

Our first conversation was 2-3 hours long and only became longer. Talking to someone never had been easier. We had no pictures posted online so did not know what we looked like. We talked about doctrine and without telling him my convictions, I noticed Andrej had the same convictions. When I spoke with him about culture, he seemed to understand, having traveled so extensively himself. I was amazed but guarded with my emotions. The fact still remained, he was not Indian!!

Soon Andrej wanted to meet. He flew to meet me in the US and I was excited, but the first encounter was very rocky. It became real that he was German, and looking at pictures of his family scared me even more, since I felt I would never fit in. I was so different from them. I cried for the first day that we met wondering if it would ever work out. Sunday morning, we went to church but sat separately and people did not know we were together, and I must say, he fit right in. It was as if he was made to be in that church. Never before had I seen a man love the preaching of the word of God like Andrej did. That afternoon we took a relaxing walk on the beach talking about trivial things like work, travel and different people around the world. I could not believe how easy it was to talk to him. After church, we went to two different homes. I remembered my words to Andrej that morning….. “I just want God to reveal His will to me, that is all I want…no more…”. Everyone fell in love with Andrej. I believe that is where I first started falling in love with Andrej. He was asked how he felt about Martin Luther (the reformer). Andrej replied with his eyes directed heavenward, and so thankful for his Calvinistic convictions, “Ah..yes..Luther..I love Luther.”. I have never seen a man so thrilled with doctrine as he was and so well read. The bible was his rock and anchor. He loved it and held the word of God as the utmost authority. He loved to hear sound preaching, and read every reformed literature that he could get. Yet, his love for souls was even more amazing, with such a balance between doctrine, theology and practical Christianity. I had always desired to marry a man that would only have eyes for Christ, and here I had finally seen a man as such. Yet, I was not going to be convinced until I had received instruction from a multitude of Godly counselors, rather than making the decision myself. Andrej left that weekend and the few people in the church who knew, including the skeptics, whole heartedly approved of him.

Andrej returned two weeks later, as the will of God began to unfold within my heart, almost scaring me with its clarity. Two weeks later, my fried and I went to Germany to stay and meet all his family for a week. They were simply wonderful. I loved them all!! His parents and siblings loved me and I them. My friend thought they were wonderful too. At the end of staying in someone’s home, you get to know them and some of their quirks. I knew the Lord had answered. It was now ok for me to begin to consider that this possibly was his will. I began to pray for clarity.

I desired to marry an Indian because I wanted to begin reconciliation with my estranged extended Hindu family, having lost my own parents at a very young age. I wanted to find a small way to please them. We wrote to my maternal uncle who lives in NJ with his family. I had minimal contact with him. He wrote back, and my uncle shortly thereafter had a business trip to Germany where he met and had dinner with Andrej, and both of them had a wonderful time. My uncle and I began to speak. Reconciliation had begun although I was to marry a German man. God’s ways are not our ways!

If there ever was a skeptic, I am it. Doubt is my middle name, and believe me, the people closest to me will testify. Andrej does not look, sound or seem like anyone I would have married..I even remember a comment to my best friend about how I hoped that the one language I would never have to learn would be German, and yet, Andrej is perfect…perfect for me in every way. It is like he was the man hidden in this little corner of the earth, perfect for me, and yet God was saving him, refining him so he may be just right for me and he was doing the same to me. I have discovered a rare jewel who has been hidden, and at times, I am so grateful that it was I who has had the honor of finding it and keeping it. Many look upon some men and say..”he is a diamond in the rough..” but I look upon Andrej thankful that I found the diamond itself.

When I see Andrej, I see the mark of a true Christian, one who loves the Lord, one who has discovered the truth of his word so there will be no compromise and one who loves Christ. I find that God has been unbelievably good to me, because in a 24 hour day, I have never had one split second of doubt that this is the man for me. My prayer was answered!! I am thankful, that I did not have to compromise a single conviction, and yet found a man who will be a true leader of our home, a Christ-like husband and a father who will pray and seek to teach His children the truth of God’s word. I knew my Children would find Christ in their father as I had and I have been blessed more than I could have ever asked or thought was possible.

Update: Andrej and I have been married over one year now. We live in the US and attend a reformed Baptist church. The testimony written above over one year ago, still holds true today.

God is indeed good!!


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