A Great Story- Combined Age of 141 years!

Sovereign Grace Singles

Can two people who live over 2000 miles apart and with a combined age of 141 years find happiness in a new marriage? Yes !
Bev lived in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She had been divorced and remained single for 30 years. After her children were grown and married, she began to think about pursuing marriage. A friend from church told her about SGS.
George was from Scottsdale, Arizona. His wife had passed away. When George expressed loneliness, his son and wife who had met on SGS, encouraged him to check it out.
The two first exchanged internet greetings in February 2014. George, being a sailor, felt a spark of interest when he realized Bev owned a canoe. When mutual interest was apparent, they exchanged pastors’ phone numbers, a highly recommended idea.
After daily conversations they met in person in April. They began counseling with Bev’s pastor, at the church office when George was in Lancaster then on speaker phone when he was in Arizona.
George and Bev were married in Lancaster on August 14, 2014 and they established life together in George’s Arizona home.
Together they enjoy hospitality, sitting on their patio watching the magnificent Arizona sunsets, traveling anywhere but also experiencing the beauty of Arizona. They have 6 married children between them and 23 grandchildren. Above all, being of one mind in areas of faith is important to them. It is a joy worshipping together in their United Reformed Church.
George and Bev are grateful that God brought them together through SGS. Now married for over 5 years, they pray for many more years together to enjoy the blessings of a wonderful marriage.


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  1. How wonderful! As a new member (retired) who isn’t really looking for marriage, but for a friend to get to know online, I’m encouraged to read this. I was one of the first to join SGS when it was begun years ago. Dean and Karen came to the General Assembly of the PCA in Atlanta shortly thereafter. They were engaged at the time, so I came down to the convention hall and met them. We’ve corresponded off and on since then, but my life got busy with my job, so I dropped out of SGS.
    Two good friends of mine (now through Facebook) met their husbands online. One was younger and they now have three children. One was older and divorced (as I am), met a widower and has been happily married ever since.
    God is good! He has always given me what I have needed. We’ll have to see where He leads now!
    Continued blessings on your happy home!

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