Bobby & Mary’s Story!

Sovereign Grace Singles

My husband Bobby and I met online when I saw him pop up as a “new member” on SGS. After reading his profile, I knew we had to talk. I messaged him, and he messaged back that we were “twins.” We had both been married for 23 years to unbelievers who abandoned us in adultery. We had so much in common, and we spent many hours discussing it all by email and message. We met in person a month after our first greeting, and we married four months later in May of 2014. We have been married for nearly five years and the Lord has blessed us with two beautiful babies, in addition to Bobby’s four previous children and my five children, making us a family of thirteen! Our family continues to grow as God brings spouses to our children (our oldest daughter met her husband on SGS as well!) and we learn the blessing of finally being equally yoked with fellow servants of God. I will always be grateful for SGS being there to help us connect. There are few ways to connect with other believers who are of such a “peculiar people” as we Calvinists are, outside of the local church, and I think that SGS is a tremendous resource and blessing for people looking for courtship, friendship, and fellowship.[:]


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  1. Grateful to God for your beautiful testimony! We serve an amazing Heavenly Father!

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